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What is an SDMS Innovation is made every next minute. That’s how advanced science is. And to keep up with the new innovations Agaram walks forth with the latest software which would help achieve Data Integrity ALCOA and 21 CFR Part 11 in regulated industries. SDMS Software The SDMS Software a.k.a Scientific Data Management System Software helps manage raw data alongside the metadata generated by the laboratory instruments and other human-generated data like documents reports and such. It is a software remaining the sole source for GMP data. SDMS Benefit: Data Integrity Integrated data ought to be complete consistent and accurate which in-turn should fall under the principles – Attributable Legible Contemporaneously Recorded Original and Accurate – In short: ALCOA. This is significant while entering data. LogiLab SDMS is a Software that provides access to the ‘Application Data System. The Software’s integration tracks changes in data and metadata ensuring the true data is generated. Sure the data can always be tracked manually but in terms of accuracy SDMS Software stays honest to the validations compared to the human eye. SDMS Software Benefit: Version Control Of Processed Data Made Simple Remember how many of us put a ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ board when we are trying to get the job done. With LogiLab SDMS Software you don’t have to worry about a DND sign at all as the software provides a non-intrusive working technology. It could also be claimed that LogiLab SDMS Software in a way acts as the lone wolf since it functions mostly on its own with little or absolutely no help from the users.

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With the SDMS Software the user may bring in any type of instrument no matter the manufacturer and model and this genius System will capture whatever data is generated. Instrument data files generated by PC controlled instruments and data generated by standalone instruments can be captured via RS232 or TCP/IP ports all with the good help of LogiLab SDMS Software. Bottom of Form LogiLAB can be deployed in quality control process RD contract research pre-clinical and clinical research areas to achieve data integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. SDMS Benefit: Easy Way To Archive Data The olden methods might have held till the generation but within a fast-moving world like ours it is difficult to keep storing data files using the same techniques. SDMS Software introduces an environment especially to authorize the access to storing data audit trail and version control even when it comes to 21 CFR Part 11 GMP and basics of integrity based on ALCOA.

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