God’s Love is Unfailing

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God’s Love is Unfailing :

God’s Love is Unfailing Written by: Dr. Creflo Dollar ©2008-2011 Creflo Dollar Ministries/World Changers Church International, All Rights Reserved

God’s Love is Unfailing :

God’s Love is Unfailing When things go wrong in your life, do you look to the world's methods of solving problems before going to God? Do you put more trust in the institutions of this world's system than you do the Word of God? As Christians, we must put our hope and faith in God's way of doing things. This type of trust only develops by cultivating your relationship with Him. How would you feel if you had a way to help someone you loved but you were the last person they turned to? That could be hurtful because you never want to be someone's last resort, particularly if you have a relationship with them and they know you well. Likewise, God does not want you to choose Him after everything else you have tried has failed. As your heavenly Father, He wants to be the one you come to first.

God’s Love is Unfailing:

God’s Love is Unfailing Throughout His Word, God is always communicating the message to His children, " If you would give me top consideration, I will prove Myself to you. I will feed you. I will clothe you. I will take care of you. You don't have to worry." Many people cannot understand this type of love. Perhaps because they have never been shown unconditional love , they fail to understand how someone could love them this way. They have a difficult time accepting that our Heavenly Father loves us so much He gave His only begotten Son to save us from our sins. He forgives us time and time again, presenting us with new opportunities to serve Him each day.

God’s Love is Unfailing:

God’s Love is Unfailing Today, I want you to see Him as a loving Father who wants to pour out His blessings upon your life. He wants to chase you down with mercy, grace, and favor! He wants to spend time fellowshipping with you as He would a best friend, but you must be willing to take time to develop your relationship with Him. God knows everything you need before you ask Him. I know you are probably thinking, Well, if He knows, why don't He just give them to me? Maybe you have not asked Him according to His Word! Or, you may have asked with selfish, lustful motives. You may have neglected to give Him priority in your life. However, you can make a correction starting today!

God’s Love is Unfailing:

God’s Love is Unfailing God reveals His loving nature through His Word because He is love. Time and time again throughout my life He has showered me with His love through His Word. I had to get acquainted with His Word by studying and meditating on it. I had to develop that personal relationship on my own. Our relationship with Him can serve as a model for all our relationships. When we live our life according to His Word, we learn to love people unconditionally. God is the designer of healthy, loving relationships. Through His Word He urges all mankind to choose Him, draw near to Him, trust Him, believe Him, and to never forget His love for us.

Key Scriptures:

Key Scriptures Matthew 6:30–34 Matthew 6:8, 9 John 16:27 Philippians 4:19 Romans 8:32 James 4:1

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