Beautiful Watercolour Art

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Artist Luqman Reza creates expressive animal paintings using watercolor paint. He has always had a knack for art, even as a child. Having grown up in the countryside in a modest family, Luqman's parents did not have much money to buy their son toys. They gave him a drawing book and a set of markers instead. From that moment on, Luqman would sketch and draw instead of play. For him, a piece of paper is his playground - a blank space that could be filled with anything. "I have the freedom to build my imagination and I knew from the very beginning that I have found my joy in life." As the years rolled on, Luqman began to experiment with his art using various mediums - including pencils, crayons and oil. But then he discovered water color paint, from that point on, his art became expressive and whimsical. Expressive and Whimsical Watercolor Art



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