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PTFE is now one of the most common and popular kinds of industrial coating. The reason being it has innumerable common applications. For more details about visit:


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Introduction • PTFE is now one of the most common and popular kinds of industrial coating. • The reason being it has innumerable common applications. • However we are not asking to take our word for it learn more about PTFE its applications history and development of PTFE.

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History of PTFE Hose and PTFE Pipes • Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE as it is more commonly used was first created by first created by Dr. Roy Plunkett. • Like all great discoveries Dr. Plunkett came across the matter while he was experimenting with some other testing materials which were supposed to be refrigerants. • Interestingly he was examining a frozen and compressed tetrafluoroethylene when he stumbled on this versatile material. This material had polymerized and had turned into a wax-like solid material. Thus the new material was named “Polytetrafluoroethylene.” • While he was making this discovery Dr. Plunkett at that was working for DuPont and immediately after they started turning this brand new material into blocks. • The blocks were then turned into varied shapes. Manufacturers all over the world today swear by the use of this product and use it to create different kinds of products. They use it mainly for coating in varied industrial capacities.

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Common Applications of PTFE PTFE is not restricted to a single use but can be used in a number of ways. The common applications of PTFE in some of the industries that utilize this material are the following • Pharmaceuticals – PTFE coatings are indispensable to the pharmaceutical industry because they provide over braid seals and strength which helps clean the system. If the pharmaceutical industry has set impossibly high standards for all materials used within it PTFE fortunately lives up to these tall standards. • Cryogenic – The cryogenic industry cannot do without the PTFE either chiefly because it can withstand extremely high temperatures and on the other hand can also withstand extremely low temperatures. The material is perfectly suited for piston rings hydraulic hoses fuel lines or liquid air systems.

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Common Applications of PTFE • Automotive – In the automotive industry the air brake systems require over- braided hoses and for that PTFE caters to these requirements really well.When the material is required to be used on the outside edge of air compressors PTFE can fill in as it can withstand extremely high temperatures. Also since PTFE can remove deposits of carbon particles it becomes an integral part of all types of automotive applications. • Aerospace industry – PTFE is also an integral part of the aerospace industry as it is part of different components like fuel hoses tubing hoses and hydraulic hoses. PTFE is often braided with Kevlar for additional protection. Also PTFE is mostly used for applications that require the tempering of heat in components like oil fuel water and alcohol. In the aerospace industries it is the pneumatic and hydraulic systems which use PTFE.

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Common Applications of PTFE Chemical industry – In the chemical industry there are some highly reactive chemicals which react with most materials for transfer of such chemicals you’ll find that mostly PTFE is used for product interchange. Refrigeration systems and steam lines also contain PTFE. It is a competent substitute for materials like corrugated stainless steel hoses and so on. PTFEtubes and PTFEhoses are generally regarded as a versatile product one that can be used in most industries reason enough for you to get acquainted with this product and use it for different purposes.

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