Manufacturers of PTFE Tubing in INDIA

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PTFE tubing is generally used in a number of applications that are found in a wide number of industries like Oil & Gas and Chemical industries.See more:


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Manufacturers of PTFE Tubing in INDIA

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PTFE tubing is generally used in a number of applications that are found in a wide number of industries like Oil Gas and Chemical industries and there are some other industries too where fluids are required to be handled carefully such as highly caustic and acidic fluids which are passed under high temperatures and where contamination is an issue. The other applications where PTFE hose is used extensively are connectors spark plugs and spacers. Read more to find out about the basic properties and beneficial features of PTFE tubes.

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• Chemical Resistance PTFE’s defining features is that it is highly chemical resistant which is what makes PTFE Tube Manufacturers use it for a wide number of manufacturing projects. PTFE is non-reactive or inert to the following chemicals: 1. Ketones 2. Food 3. Alcohols 4. Esters 5. Aqua Regia 6. Biological Fluids 7. Hydrofluoric Acid 8. Fragrances 9. Fuming Sulfuric Acid 10. Chlorosulfuric Acid 11. Printing Inks Dyes 12. Highly Halogenated Organics 13. Aromatic Solvents 14. Boiling Sodium Hydroxide Solution 15. Chlorine Gas Amines 16. Low Level Radioactive Substances 17. Hydrogen Peroxide 18. Oxidizers 19. Acid Chlorides 20. Industrial Oils 21. Hot Fuming Nitric Acid However there are a few chemicals which do affect the PTFE pipes and tubings and causes it to deteriorate over time. Some of these chemicals are molten alkali metals chlorine trifluoride and also their solutions not to forget gaseous fluorine which reacts with PTFE at extremely high temperatures and/or pressures. • Water Resistance Another defining feature of PTFE is that it is naturally hydrophobic in other words it has an aversion to water. So it doesn’t absorb water like other solid materials. It is therefore used in many areas where water exposure is high. • It is resistant to High Heat and Low Temperature PTFE tubing is greatly used in applications where the temperatures are either extremely high or low and can withstand temperatures which are as high as 260°C 500°F or as low as -270°C - 454°F. • PTFE tubings are Competent Insulators

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PTFE materials are great for insulation as well as it boasts of a surface resistivity level of 3.6 x 1012 ohms. Its electrical properties too cannot be ignored and hence it is used widely in electronics and electrical service. • UV Radiation Resistance In the absence of oxygen PTFE’s radiation resistance increases manifold and it increases x 10 in the absence of oxygen. Generally PTFE’s radiation resistance threshold is of 2 – 7 x 104 rads where 1 rad 0.01 Gy 0.01 J/kg. Rads are a deprecated unit of absorbed radiation dose. • Low Friction The coefficients of friction COH of friction is extremely low in fact the lowest among solid materials with a static COH of .08. The low co-efficient of friction makes PTFE a reliable material which enables the consistent flow of liquids transportation. Reliable PTFE Tube Manufacturers Advanced Fluro Tubes manufacturers are manufacturers of world class PTFE tubes and PTFE hoses in India. They are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. You can locate their plant on the outskirts of Mumbai India. Advanced fluro tubes are much sought after in a number of industry sectors such as Electrical Chemical Process Industry Oil and Gas Instrumentation Automobile Power Pharmaceutical Steel and so on.

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Aftubes are backed by an experienced management and they consistently focus on consistent quality customer experience and strive towards continuously improving their products. They make it a point to add new products every year and expand their proficiencies in making more improved versions of PTFE tubes and tubings and trying to provide innovative solutions to industries.

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