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Every future dog owner should have a new puppy checklist to help him make the puppy feels comfortable in his new home.


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New puppy checklist :

Bringing home a new puppy N ew puppy checklist

Bringing home a new puppy:

If you are a new puppy owner, congratulations! Getting a new puppy is an exciting moment but it can also be frustrating if you are not properly prepared. A new puppy checklist is exactly what you need for your puppy to help him settle in your home. Bringing home a new puppy

New puppy checklist:

These  new puppy tips  are very important if you want to have a happy experience with your new puppy . Getting a new puppy will be your best decision if you prepare properly for the small bundle of joy and energy.  New puppy checklist

Food and water bowls:

Avoid plastic bowls because they are not sanitary. Besides that, a puppy loves to chew plastic. Instead of these, choose metal or ceramic bowls. Food and water bowls


Every puppy needs toys to keep him busy, especially when you are not around. T oys

Other new puppy tips:

 ask questions – make a list with all the questions for the breeder: health history, vaccinations, return policy, food, socialization. schedule a visit with the place you are getting you new puppy. See his living environment, health, temperament of the parents if you go through a breeder. Other new puppy tips

For more information about the new puppy checklist go here: For more information about the new puppy checklist go here

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