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Thanks a lot for downloading this guide.    You’ll find this guide very useful in your affiliate marketing career. So make  sure you save it a place where you can access it easily. :    My name is Kulwant Nagi I am running one of the top blogging niche blogs  in India with name ​BloggingCage​. I have spoken at India affiliate summit  Indian affiliate conference BlogX Success conference appeared in  SEMRush webinars and active at many other platforms.    I have built many successful affiliate blogs in the last 7 years and they all  are making 5-figure per month combined.    Affiliate marketing is no doubt one of the best methods to make money  online. You can pick the products as per your niche and start promoting  them.    When I started my affiliate marketing career in 2012 I couldn’t find all the  tools at one place. There were many EPIC articles written by many  awesome bloggers but the information was so scattered that it was very  difficult to find all the tools at one place.    Now I am doing affiliate marketing since 2012 and I have tried almost all  the tools in the market.    I have listed all the products which we personally used to build our affiliate  marketing business. Some of the products are not directly related to  affiliate marketing but they have helped me a lot to build my affiliate  business indirectly.    Let’s check the tools and become an awesome affiliate marketer.

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Hosting    A2Hosting​ - I recommend this hosting if you are just starting your affiliate  marketing career. They have FREE SSL and fast server to support your  affiliate blogs. Never buy BlueHost or HostGator because they are one of  the shittiest servers.    WPXHosting​ - We recently moved to WPXHosting. You might have seen the  customer support at various hosting companies but not like WPX Hosting.  Blazing fast support system and very secure and fast servers. If you are  looking for a managed VPS server WPX is highly recommended.    DigitalOcean​ - ​Almost 90 of our affiliate websites are hosted at  DigitalOcean. It’s an unmanaged VPS server which gives you the freedom  to host your blog on per hour basis. We have been using DigitalOcean for  last 5+ years and it never disappointed us.    CloudWays​ - We are using this hosting since 2016. CloudWays is a wrapper  around DigitalOcean. As I told DigitalOcean is an unmanaged hosting but  with CloudWays you can make it managed by just paying a few extra  dollars. We have around 10 of our stable affiliate sites hosted at  CloudWays. While creating server at CloudWays you can select from  DigitalOcean Google Cloud AWS Linode and many other server.    Email Outreach Tools    NinjaOutreach​ ​- NinjaOutreach an awesome tool to do the email outreach.  We have used this tool for many of our affiliate blogs to do the backlinks  outreach. This is a must have tool if you are an affiliate marketer. This tool  helps you to find social media influencers easily.

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Mail Shake​ - MailShake is an awesome alternative of Ninja Outreach. We  use this tool to do guest blogging outreach. It’s a must-have tool if you do  any kind of outreach in your business. Either you buy NinjaOutreach or  MailShake. Just one is enough.    LemList​ - Want an awesome email marketing tool for the cold audience  LemList is the tool I recommend to buy. LemList has awesome email  personalization feature where you can email by printing their names on  banners laptop or at any place. It gets picked dynamically. So powerful  marketing technique.    AirMail​ - AirMail is my most loved email client I am using since 2014. I have  added all my email logins in this tool and I can see all the emails in a single  dashboard. This might not be a tool I directly use for affiliate marketing but  it helps me a lot indirectly by making me more organized and productive.    Email Marketing Tools    ConvertKit​ - ConvertKit is an outstanding email marketing service. We have  used almost all the services like Aweber GetResponse MailChimp etc. but  the automation and deliverability you get with this service is outstanding.    Note​: Stop using services like MailerLite and MailChimp is you are seriously looking  forward to building your email subscribers.    Email Optin Tools    ThriveLeads​ - When it comes to email marketing ThriveLeads is the plugin  we love the most. I have used this plugin on numerous affiliate sites to  build email subscribers.

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ConvertPro​ - ConvertPro is another awesome alternative of ThriveLeads.  They have many pre-made designs which you can use as it is or modify as  per your needs.    Social Media Management Tools    ContentStudio​ - Content Studio is a great social media automation tool.  With this tool you can automatically push your content to your Facebook  Twitter Pinterest and other social media profiles.    Promo Republic​ - This is an all in one social media automation tool. This  tool not only gives you the freedom to automate everything but you can  create stunning graphics also.    Automation Tools    GetGist​ - GetGist is all-in-one automation tool. Live chat email marketing  event tracking and other marketing automation can be created with this  service.    ManyChat​ - Such an incredible Facebook messenger tool. We are using  ManyChat for BloggingCage and 2-3 other affiliate blogs to capture  messenger subscribers.    ZoConvert​ - This is a great alternative to ManyChat. We are using this tool  at a few of our affiliate sites to build Facebook chat subscribers.    Project Management Tools    Google Drive​ - Google drive is no doubt one of the best project  management tools. We have all our files plans backlinks promotions web  2.0 accounts profiles and many other important things saved in our

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Google drive. We have integrated Google drive with many of the tools to  manage everything even much easier.    Plutio​ - We started using this tool around 6 months back. This is the best  project management tool we have ever used. We are managing all the  writers clients tasks etc. with this tool now.    Flock​ - Flock is an awesome team management tool. We have added all our  team members clients writers in this tool to have a conversation with  them. Don’t get confused between Plutio and Flock. Both have different  functionalities.    Trello​ - Trello is a free task management tool. They have a nice kanban  approach to make things easier for you. We used to use this tool to  manage all our guest blogging content writing tasks in the past. As I said  we recently moved to Plutio now.    Evernote​ - Evernote is one of the most loved management tools. I am using  it since 2011. We create all the plans projects execution reports etc in this  tool.    FTP Tools    FileZilla​ - FileZilla is the tool we are using to access all the files from our  servers. If we want to quickly upload any landing page or want to create  any quick change in the landing page we use this tool.    File Editing Tools    Sublime Text​ - Sublime Text is an awesome tool to edit any kind of files.  You can open HTML PHP Java .net or any kind of file with this tool.

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Notepad++​ - This is another awesome tool to edit files. You can open many  types of files using this tool easily.    Screenshot Tools    Skitch​ - All the instructional images you see at BloggingCage are created  with this tool. We can easily add arrows blur any confidential area add text  and do a few other things with the images using this tool.    Nimbus​ - Nimbus is an awesome tool to capture images online. You can  capture images record screen and edit them easily with this tool. You can  capture online images and upload them on your affiliate sites.    Screencastify​ - I am using this tool to create instructional videos for my  team. Every time I want to give some instructions to my writers and clients  I just click on this Chrome extension and everything starts recording  automatically.    Spy/SEO Tools    SEMRush​ - SEMRush is one of the most loved SEO spying tools. We keep  on spying the competitor’s backlinks keywords etc. to make our affiliate  blogs awesome. I cannot imagine my affiliate marketing business without  SEMRush. Grab our 14 days ​SEMRush FREE Trial​ here.    Ahrefs​ - Ahrefs is another outstanding tool to spy the competitor’s  backlinks and do the keyword research. We use this tool as much as we  use SEMRush. I personally love the speed and UI of this tool.    Anstrex​ - This tool is best for the Native Ads and Push notifications Ads  spying. We keep running various Ads for different affiliate products. So this  tool helps us to find new ideas.

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KWFinder​ - They have the most awesome UI I have ever seen in any  keyword research tool. It’s fast accurate and easy to use tool for your  affiliate marketing success. Grab our ​15 discount​ ​KWFinder Coupon​ here.    LSI Graph​ - This is an awesome tool to generate many LSI keywords  around your main keyword. I strongly recommend this tool to you if you  want to write SEO optimized articles for your blog.    Rankz​ - Rankz is another must have tool for every SEO professional. This  tool helps you to track your keywords positions do the backlinks profiling  and many other exciting things.      Page Builders    Elementor​ - Elementor is the page builder we are using for all of our affiliate  sites. YES All. :    With this tool you can create anything you want. Coupon boxes feature  boxes rating popups or whatever you can imagine for your affiliate blogs it  can be created with this tool.    Elementor is way beyond awesome when it comes to page builders.    Chrome Extensions    Grammarly​ - Grammarly is something without which I cannot write.  Seriously I cannot write without this tool now. My schooling is from  government schools and that too in Hindi medium so it’s obvious that  neither I have good Grammar nor good vocabulary. So this tool helps me a

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lot to rectify my grammatical mistakes. Make sure you check our  Grammarly coupon​ if you want to buy the premium version.    LastPass​ - I am using this premium extension from last 5 years. Believe me  this is the best thing you can ever have if you are doing affiliate marketing.  With LastPass you can save all your passwords at one place I hate saving  passwords in Google Chrome. So when you are traveling somewhere or  want to log in at a computer which is not yours just login in LastPass and  all your passwords are there.    You can even share the passwords with your team. Which makes it super  easy to share the login access of some paid tools.    Google Translate​ - We promote many products in various countries. So  Google translate helps us to translate the page as quickly as possible and  we can read the content easily.    SpyBar​ - SpyBar is a paid extension. Have you ever visited any affiliate site  and liked the design so much    SpyBar can help you to find all the plugins they have installed and which  theme they are using.    Facebook Pixel Helper​ ​- This is an official Facebook extension to find the  retargeting pixels installed on any page.    Express VPN​ - As I told we run Ads in various countries. You cannot see  geo-targeted Ads running in Australia by sitting in India. So you need VPN  to visit those URL and then you can see those landing pages. ExpressVPS  is the VPN we use to see those landing pages. It’s very fast awesome UI  and very secure VPN.

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Meeting Tools    Skype​ - Everyone loves Skype. It’s free fast secure and easy to use. We are  connected with many of the affiliate managers on Skype. I have attended  more than 40 conferences in 20 countries so far so I have met many  affiliate managers worldwide. So Skype is the tool which helps me to stay  connected with them.    Zoom​ - Zoom is a meeting tool which we recently started using. Every  Sunday we do the group calls with team members affiliate managers  writers to keep up the pace.    Photo Editing Tool    PhotoShop​ - I am using Photoshop since 2010. I have learnt so much in  Photoshop that I can literally do anything with it. I can create banners from  scratch featured images promotional graphics or whatever when it comes  to Graphics creation.    DesignBold​ - I bought this Black Friday lifetime deal in 2017. This was one  of my best investments as we have created many designs features  images banners Ads and a lot of other graphics using this tool.    Stencil​ - Another tool I bought on Black Friday. This is an awesome tool to  create professional banners Ads Graphics etc. for your affiliate blogs.    Content Writing    AffloSpark Blog Writing Service​ - We have recently launched our content  writing service where we have more than 30 professional writers working  with us.

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After trying so many platforms like UpWork Freelance OnlineJobs  Truelancer and what not finally I decided to create my own content writing  team.    So we have awesome content writers in each niche who can create epic  content for any affiliate or business blogs.    Premium Images    Freepik Premium​ - Freepik is our one-stop destination to create stunning  images for anything. All the images you see at BloggingCage are created  with the premium images we bought from FreePik.    Deposit Photos Premium​ - Deposit Photos is another awesome platform to  find the professional images at a cheap price. In some cases when we are  unable to find professional images at other platforms we use  DepositPhotos.    Stock Unlimited​ - Another best investment so far. I bought this AppSumo  lifetime deal in just 49. They have 1 million images which I can download  anytime for free. :    Few other sites we are using to get FREE images are ​listed here​.    Link Shorteners    PixelMe​ - This is link shortener service. So you can shorten the affiliate  links with this tool easily. The best thing I love in this tool is the freedom to  add Facebook Pixel in your link. So when someone clicks on the short link  created by this tool they fire a Facebook Pixel too. Nice retargeting.

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Replug​ - With this tool you can shorten track and optimize your links with  catchy call-to-action retargeting pixels branded links and powerful  analytics. It’s very easy to configure and UI is awesome. :    Backlinks Service    LinksManagement​ - I have built many sites by buying links from  LinksManagement. You can see the site’s URL filter them as per DA PA  and finally buy the backlinks from them in just a few clicks.    Adss30​ - This is the service we are using these days. They have a wide  variety of link building service. Just choose the service as per your needs  and grab quality backlinks.    Spin Rewriter​ - This is actually not a link building service. It an auto content  creation tool which you can use to build the backlinks. We create the  content for web 2.0 article submission etc. using this service.    Note​: Don’t use this tool to create content for the money site. It will hurt the  ranking of your blog.

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WordPress    WordPress Theme    GeneratePress​ - I have used many themes in my 8 years of blogging career.  But this theme is something which I cannot stop appreciating. They have  added all the features in this theme which makes a theme awesome. Right  now 90 of my affiliate blogs are using this theme. It’s super easy to  customize SEO friendly fast and super awesome theme.    StudioPress Themes​ - I have recommended StudioPress themes to  everyone in the last 5-6 years. They are also fast secure SEO friendly and  very easy to use. I have 2-3 affiliate blogs still using StudioPress. But to be  very honest we are moving them soon to GeneratePress.    Writer Theme from MyThemeShop​ - This is a very minimal theme with the  nice design typography and customization features. We have used this  theme in the past for many of our affiliate blogs.    WordPress Plugins    RankMath​ - RankMath is the future. We have stopped using Yoast SEO at  many of our blogs and we are slowly moving to RankMath now. Advanced  SEO optimization Rich Snippets 404 Monitor Redirection Local SEO  Google Search Console are few of the awesome features which make this  a killer pugin.    Elementor Pro​ - We have covered this plugin in page builders. Saying again  this is the best page builder I have ever seen. You can create any layout for  your affiliate blogs using this plugin.

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Ultimate Addons for Elementor​ - We are using this on our affiliate blogs to  add some extra features in Elementor.    TablePress​ - Want to create awesome tables in your content This is the  plugin we recommend. :    GetAAWP​ - This is a must have plugin for every Amazon affiliate blog. You  can create stunning buttons featured products lists and many other  layouts to make more money with Amazon affiliates.    Easy Table of Contents​ - Using this plugin at our affiliate blogs was one of  the best things we have ever done. Because of this plugin many of our  affiliate articles are in featured snippets area. I strongly recommend using  this plugin.    Q2W3 Fixed Widget​ - This is an awesome plugin to increase your affiliate  marketing earnings. With this plugin you can fix any banner in the side and  make it sticky. So every time someone reads your whole article this banner  will be always visible in the sidebar.    Thrive Clever Widgets​ - As the name says this plugin is seriously very  clever. With this plugin you can create a sticky widget in different posts. i.e  you can show different sticky banners in different posts.    Broken Link Checker​ - A must have plugin for every affiliate blog. This  plugin will keep on checking all the broken links on your blog and you can  remove those broken links with just a few clicks.    MalCare Pro​ - Right now I am using this plugin for 5 of my top affiliate  sites. This plugin secures your blog from hacking attempts.

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Pretty Links Blogger Edition​ - A must have plugin for every affiliate blog.  Never ever use any direct affiliate links on your blog. I am using this plugin  on 100 of the blogs since 2011 from day one when I started blogging.  You can cloak your affiliate links with this plugin and make them  memorable links easily.    ShortPixel Image Optimizer​ - This plugin compresses all the images I  upload at my affiliate blogs so that my blog posts can load faster.    Social Pug​ - An awesome plugin to add beautiful social share buttons at  your affiliate blogs.    Stackable - Gutenberg Blocks Premium​ - I am totally in love with this  plugin. I was so much impressed with the features that I bought a premium  version for a few blogs. You can create awesome designs in your theme  with this plugin if you don’t want to use any page builders.    W3 Total Cache​ - We have this plugin installed on all of our affiliate blogs.  This plugin is best to improve the loading speed of your blog.    WP Coupons​ - Want to create awesome coupon boxes at your blog This  plugin can help you to create coupon boxes at your blog.    WPRichSnippets​ - Another must have plugin for affiliate blogs. We use this  plugin to add star ratings for review articles.    Misc Tools/Products    UI Names​ ​- Looking for some random names and images for your affiliate  blogs This is the platform we use to find the pseudo names ideas for our  affiliate blogs.

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UI Gradients​ - UI Gradients is an awesome platform to find amazing  gradient images. This is my one-stop destination to find amazing  ingredients.    Sip​ - This is a Mac software to pick color codes from any images offline  and online. We use this to grab some great colors from the popular sites  and use them in our banners.    Camtasia​ - Camtasia is an awesome tool if you want to record the videos.  In few of our articles we have recorded videos around the products. This is  the only tool I use for video editing processing etc.    CoSchedule Headline Analyzer​ - Do you want to write best titles for your  blog posts This is the tool we use to write awesome headlines for our blog  posts which brings more CTR and ultimately more sales.    Clickmagick​ - I have used this tool in the past but we are not using it right  now. If you are looking for an awesome tracker I recommend ClickMagick.    Affiliate Marketing Forum    STMForum​ - If you want the latest affiliate marketing information I strongly  recommend this forum. This forum is best if you want to try paid Ads for  affiliate marketing. I don’t recommend this forum to complete newbies.    Newsletter​: ​WTAFF​ is the newsletter I highly recommend to join right now.  This is the best newsletter I have ever joined. It will help you to stay  motivated and share a lot of crazy hacks to make more money with affiliate  marketing.

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For Your Success  Kulwant Nagi      Read My Blog​: ​BloggingCage.com    Follow me on Twitter​ - ​kulwantnagi    Follow me on Facebook​ - ​kulwantnagi    Follow me on Instagram ​- ​kulwantnagi      Affiliate Disclaimer​: Many of the links used in this eBook are affiliate links. I earn the compensation if you  make any purchase through my links.

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