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Affinity celebrations is the premiere Wedding décor and floral Company that caters to traditional Vietnamese wedding decoration in all over California and nearby states. To book our services, visit or call us at 949-878-3969.


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Turn on your Wedding Vibes: Hire the Best Event Decor for the Decorations Everyone likes to own a "fairy-tale" wedding and it is the ornament that adds glamour to the wedding. Wedding decorations play a really important role in fixing the tone for a marriage. It is the decorations that make the wedding day special classic and luxurious. Whether its a budget or a lavish wedding decorations set the mood for the celebrations. Desi Wedding Decorations: When it involves Indian weddings we see tons of colorful decorations. If it is a traditional style wedding you should select the Desi Wedding Decorations in which floral decorations reflect the setting. Today folks love a mix of ancient and fashionable ornament. For instance the stage where the wedding ceremony takes place will have a traditional decor with yellow marigold and other flowers that are unique to Indian weddings.

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Flowers Complement The Decor: A lot of material furnishings and flowers are needed to enhance the theme of the wedding. Floral arrangements always complement the decor. Hire the best wedding planner who will give you the best suggestion about the decorations. Vietnamese Wedding Traditions: Many people are curious to possess a glimpse of what are Vietnamese wedding traditions. Knowing Vietnamese wedding traditions will make you understand the Vietnamese society Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Decoration its culture and ancestral customs.

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The Wedding: Fixing up a suitable date and time for such an auspicious occasion as wedding under the aegis of a fortuneteller or a spiritual leader is among the Vietnamese wedding traditions. Seeking consent for receiving the bride arranging a procession for the reception of the bride at her house arranging another procession for the cordial reception of the bride at the grooms house are included in the Vietnamese wedding traditions. To book your wedding decorators visit us at affinitycelebrations or call us at +1 949-878-3969 or email us at

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