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Noakhali Science and Technology University Presentation On Quality analysis of some cosmetic products marketed in Bangladesh By Roll: BKH0703011F Session: 2006-2007 DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACY 1

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This presentation covers Aim of my project Introduction Materials and Methods Results and Discussion Conclusion 2

Aim of my project :

To analyze the standards of marketed cosmetic products . The analysis was done by keeping the guidelines from Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). 3 Aim of my project


Introduction U sed to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. Skin creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, eye and facial makeup, hair colors, hair sprays and gels, toothpaste and so on. 4


Introduction Decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics. Egypt around 3500 BC during the Old Kingdom. 5 Fig: Decorative cosmetics fig: Care cosmetics

Materials and methods:

Materials and methods I choose toothpaste , shampoo and face powder. The name of the five selected toothpastes and their manufacturers are: Colgate- Colgate-palmotive (India). Close Up- Uniliver Bangladesh Limited. Meswake- Asian consumer care private limited (India). Medi Plus- Anfords Bangladesh Limited. White Plus- Square Toiletries Ltd. 6 Fig: Colgate

Materials and methods:

Materials and methods To evaluate the standards I performed the following tests for toothpaste: Determination of hard and sharp edged abrasive particles. Determination of spreadability. Determination of pH. Determination of foaming power. The name of the five selected shampoos and their manufacturer are: Sunsilk- Uniliver Bangladesh LTD. Dove- Uniliver Bangladesh LTD. Clear- Uniliver Bangladesh LTD. Head & shoulder- Procter and Gamble Manufacturing LTD. Chik- Ethical Toiletries Ltd. 7

Materials and methods:

Materials and methods 8 To evaluate the parameters of the shampoo I performed the following tests: Determination of pH. Determination of percent of solids contents. Foaming ability and foam stability. The name of three selected face powders and their manufacturers are: Roseleaf- Fei Yan cosmetics co. Ltd. L’oreal- L‘oreal Consumer advisory department. Vatiny- Re-x Products co. Ltd. Fig: Shampoo

Materials and methods:

Materials and methods For determining the parameters of face powders I performed the following tests: Determination of matter insoluble in boiling water. Test for solubility of colors. Determination of pH of aqueous suspension. Determination of moisture and volatile matter. 9 Fig: Face powder

Results and discussion:

To avoid unwanted effects of cosmetics. Calculated by using the suitable formula . Sample value were compared with standard values. The values of samples are given in table 1, table 2, table 3 respectively for toothpaste, shampoo and face powder. 10 Results and discussion

Table 1:Evluation of toothpaste:

Table 1:Evluation of toothpaste Product name Hard and sharp edged particles Spreadability (cm) pH Foaming power Colgate Absent 7.3 7.80 72 Close up Absent 6.36 6.89 52 Meswake Present in few amount, granular type. 8.97 8.6 71 Medi plus Absent 9.25 6.70 33 White plus Absent 7.8 7.60 52 0- 8.5 cm 11 Standard value Absent 0- 8.5 cm 5.5 – 10.5 50ml (minimum )

Figure: Evaluation of toothpaste:

Figure: Evaluation of toothpaste 12 Hard & sharp edged particle determination Spreadability determination pH determination Foaming power determination

Table 2: Evaluation of shampoo:

Table 2: Evaluation of shampoo Product Name pH Solid content ( %) Foaming power (ml) 0 min 1 min 2 min 3 min 4 min Sunsilk 4.71 12.75 37 37 36 35 35 Dove 4.69 30.5 50 50 45 42 40 Head & Shoulder 7.04 41 39 30 30 28 27 Clear 4.72 5.25 40 38 37 36 34 Chik 6.84 68.75 47 46 44 42 40 Standard value 5.5- 8 < 60 (%) 50ml ( minimum) 12

Figure: Evaluation of shampoo:

Figure: Evaluation of shampoo 14 pH determination Percent of solid content determination ( Before drying) Percent of solid content determination ( After drying) Foaming power determination

Table 3:Evaluation of face powder:

Product name pH Solubility of color Matters insoluble in boiling water (%) Moisture and volatile matter (%) Rose leaf 5.51 colorless 94 1 Vatiny 7.02 Faintly color 84 1.2 L’oreal 6.81 colorless 86 0.2 Standard value 5.5-8 Colorless 90 (Max) 2 (Max) 15 Table 3:Evaluation of face powder

Figure: Evaluation of face powder:

Figure: Evaluation of face powder 16 pH determination Matter insoluble in boiling water(before drying) Matter insoluble in boiling water( after drying)

Figure: Evaluation of face powder:

Figure: Evaluation of face powder 17 Solubility of color moisture and volatile matter


Had been evaluated complied with the standards. Were met the standard value of BSTI and BIS, but some parameters of these products were deviated. Were found to be of good quality. 18 Conclusion

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