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AERO Specialties, Inc is one of the premier suppliers of aircraft and airport ground support equipment including ground power units, aircraft tugs, tow tractors and more. AERO distributes industrial-grade new, used and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment at very competitive prices. To know more, visit


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Why Electric Airline Tow Tugs are a Better GSE Investment Every year there are hundreds of people that get injured in GSE accidents and the main reason behind this is the poor quality of the equipment. When a piece of GSE equipment is damaged due to horseplay abuse or negligence then it’s running operation is negatively affected which makes the day’s work stressful and tougher for every ground crew employee. Maintaining this Ground Support Equipment is not everyone’s cup of tea it requires visual inspections using the equipment as per the instructions given by manufacturers and timely maintenance of the equipment. Improperly used and poorly maintained equipment can be disastrous for a company as well as employees. If you ignore the maintenance of the GSE then sooner or later your equipment will stop working or you will experience degradation in terms of performance. In such instances it becomes imperative to replace your equipment to avoid disruptions in work. However replacing the equipment is not that easy because they are very expensive regardless of their condition or brand. The high cost of aircraft ground support equipment makes it essential to examine things properly before buying any GSE. Aircraft Tugs are one of the more crucial pieces of ground support equipment and can be found at every hangar and airport. Electric tow trucks are highly efficient versions of the aircraft tow tractor. So if you are planning to purchase tow tractors then you must consider purchasing and electric tow tractor. Here are some reasons which prove why purchasing electric tow trucks are beneficial: Electric tow tractor has ZERO emissions: The airline industry contributes around 2 of the CO2 polluting the environment but unlike others the electric tow tractor has zero emissions which protects the environment and saves you money on fuel. An electric tow tractor makes no noise: These electric tow tractors perform their work without making any noise and without contributing any noise pollution. Effective pushback: An electric airplane pushback is more efficient and cost-effective for your airlines unlike the old style tugs.

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They are cost-effective: The electric tow tractors do not need any maintenance like oil changes nor do they have the number of parts that can wear out due to the lack of moving parts in an electric motor. The training and licensing process are also very accessible and easy as these electric tractors need simple operation skills. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of quality GSE equipment then Aero Specialties is one the most trusted companies offering top quality products with maximum consumer satisfaction. Aero Specialties also offers OEM and service support parts which are manufactured using advanced technology. Aero Specialties provides service support which complies with the perfect manufacturer’s specifications. They offer refurbished new and used equipment at unbeatable prices which make Aero Specialties the preferable supplier of aircraft GSE. About Aero Specialties: Aero Specialties is top supplier of superior GSE equipment. They are supplying aircraft GSE like aircraft ground power unit aircraft tug pushback. For purchasing GSE equipment log on to

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