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Heat insulation material keeps the heat out and maintains low temperature inside. This plays very important role for radiant insulation, however in most of today's commercial and household process are effective only to be carried out controlling snow environments.


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Aerolam Insulation Pvt. Ltd. has been established with a long term focus and an aspiration of rising in the ladder of the top companies involved in the manufacturing and marketing of Reflective insulation material. www.aerolaminsulations.com


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Features www.aerolaminsulations.com Best in use Optimum quality Low maintenance


Specifications www.aerolaminsulations.com  Roll Size (W x L)  1.2m X 40m  Bubble Size  4 mm X 10 mm  Total Thickness  4 mm  Reflection Ratio  >97%  Thermal Resistance Emissivity  0.04-0.05  Temperature Range  -122 to 230 (-50°C 110 °C)


www.aerolaminsulations.com Heat insulation is used to prevent excessive heat loss. In a house, it is  used to minimize the amount of heating and fuel needed to heat it up or  to keep it at temperature, and also means you need a smaller boiler .


www.aerolaminsulations.com Advantages Of Heat Insulation Material Light in weight, easy to clean, bendable and cushioning . Heat insulation materials are waterproof, moisture proof, anti static, foldable with good tearing properties , easy to pull and leak-proof . Environment friendly and does not release any kind of gas in atmosphere .


Application Of Heat Insulation Material www.aerolaminsulations.com It is equally useful for industrial premises, cold storage, manufacturing plants, packaging units, mobile vans, mobile cold storage, agricultural units and many other sheds .


www.aerolaminsulations.com To be among the top ten companies internationally providing Reflective insulation material for construction purposes.


www.aerolaminsulations.com To be known as a quality provider of Reflective insulation material To match and surpass the international standards in the manufacturing processes of Reflective insulation material To establish an employee friendly structure to enhance productivity


Appraisal O f Manufacturing Standards www.aerolaminsulations.com Ceaseless appraisal and improvement of manufacturing practices will secure an international standard of products being produced. An enhanced quality of products will also help save energy and accentuate the efforts of creating a planet.


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