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Bubble insulation is one of the most popular options to insulate house and other premises these days. It is also an economical option that other traditional thermal insulations. Bubble wrap can be utilized to insulate greenhouse, attics and windows as well. The film of air bubble is made up from polyethylene and widely available in different choices of single bubble insulation and double bubble insulation.


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Specifications www.aerolaminsulations.com  Roll Dimension (WxL)  1.2 m x 40 m Bubble Size  4 mm x 10 mm Product Thickness (mm)  4 mm Reflection Ratio   >95 % Thermal Resistance Emissivity  0.04 - 0.05  Temperature Range  -122 to 230 (50°C - 110 °C)


www.aerolaminsulations.com Bubble insulation is used to absorbed excessive product loss. In a house, it is  used to minimize the amount of heating and fuel needed to loss it up or  to keep it at temperature, and also means you need a smaller boiler.


www.aerolaminsulations.com Advantages Of Bubble I nsulation Bubble insulation material over the existing fiberglass insulation that has been already applied to improve it's efficiency and prevent unexpected heat gain or loss. Such insulation material is low cost and easy to use .


A pplications Of Bubble Insulation Material www.aerolaminsulations.com Reflective  bubble insulation reflects heat and almost 97 percent of radiant heat rays to keep the inner atmosphere at stable temperature. Such thermal resistant bubble insulation material is actually single or multi layer polyethylene air bubbles film coated with aluminum foil or fibers from single or both of the side.


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