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We are presenting common types of insulation material because choosing the right insulation product for your project can have a large impact. So first you read the information about insulation material then choose.


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Welcome To Aerolam Insulation Pvt. Ltd.

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Aerolam Insulations Pvt. Ltd. is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of reflective roof insulation and air bubble insulation material for the purposes of construction. It is also available as a pre engineered building insulation material. Boasting of some of the most contemporary production processes and a high regard for quality; the company has already managed to create a pool of loyal customers. Aerolam Insulations Pvt. Ltd

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Different Types of Insulation

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It's simply impossible for people in many areas to survive without insulation. There are however many different kinds of materials that you can use to insulate your home. If you are a new homeowner, choosing the appropriate materials can be confusing .

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Batts and Rolls or Blanket I nsulation Batts and rolls or blanket insulation is one of the most common. These are often sandwiched in between the spaces found in double walls, floors and ceilings. Mineral fiber based materials such as wool, fiberglass and rock are examples of this type .

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Loose Insulation Loose fill types are made of small fibers like wool, rock and treated cellulose. These are often blown or packed into nooks and cavities using special equipment. This type of insulation is therefore best for adding extra insulation to areas that have small sections that are not properly insulated .

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Spray F oam I nsulation The most common example of this comes in polyurethane material. The material is simply sprayed in place on wall openings or attic floors. This is a good option to consider for structures that are already in place .

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Reflective Insulation Reflective types include foil paper, cardboard, plastic and polyethylene bubbles. These are usually installed within ceilings, floors and walls. They are fitted between wood frame joists and beams .

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Benefits of AEROLAM™ The first benefit of these aluminum foil insulation sheets is that they make the environment, within the rooms, comfortable. Secondly, by retaining the coolness and the warmth of the air conditioner and heater respectively, AEROLAM™ home insulation bring down the amount of energy which is being consumed, which eventually contributes to the reduction of the effects of global warming.

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