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AeroCom Inc. is a leading Internet service provider for business clouds and telecommunication services which provide virtual phone, cloud phone system, private cloud, business voip providers in orange county CA.


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Welcome to :

Welcome to is where IT Buyers Speak Up about their telecom & cloud service. Providers need to hear the good, bad or indifferent and your fellow IT buyers want to hear it too.

You write 1 review. We donate $1.:

You write 1 review. We donate $1. A new review site for business cloud and telecom service. is a socially conscious review site and marketplace for business cloud and telecommunications services. From Hosted VoIP, to Colo, to Public Cloud, to Fiber Broadband and more From Hosted VoIP, to Colo, to Public Cloud, to Fiber Broadband and more, is where honest and intelligent IT Buyers (like you), go to find clarity and teach.

About AeroCom:

About AeroCom AeroCom, Inc.'s purpose is 3-Fold: To dramatically increase the satisfaction of people working both with and within the business telecommunications and cloud service industries. To lift the spirits of as many people as possible by striving to practice Christian values such as humbleness, service and love, in our daily business interactions. To give Hope to families struggling with pediatric brain cancer.

Here are some things you should know about us and our site::

Here are some things you should know about us and our site: Browsing reviews is open to the public. It's free for IT buyers to sign up and post reviews. Our site is based on our opinion that IT buyers have the most valuable opinions in our industry and that they really want to hear the experiences of their counterparts. As such, we do our best to keep it free of noise (i.e. no salespeople, residential users, service providers, etc.). Those other peeps are swell, but let's give the users what they want and filter the noise.


Users can only direct message one another if they have earned a large amount of points on our site (see item 5) There is not a perfect way of having a rating system on the public Internet, but we think ours is solid. The process that AeroCom uses for weighting or removing reviews has nothing to do with whether or not that service provider is advertising on our site or paying us sales commissions. The integrity of our review system is the foundation of our company.


Service providers do have the ability to direct message users but only for the purpose of helping users resolve issues with their service. Providers are not allowed to solicit sales or SPAM through direct messaging and all such messaging should immediately be reported. Service Providers are listed at no cost. This also includes an Administrator Account to manage the Provider Page. AeroCom makes money in two ways: A. By selling advertising on our website B.By making commissions from service providers. This happens when you use an AeroCom representative to initiate your purchase from providers we are authorized to represent on the site.


Advertising providers do not have the ability to hide, edit or re-arrange their reviews or manipulate their ratings in any way. There is zero obligation to utilize an AeroCom representative to answer questions for you, send you pricing on a provider or help you initiate an order with the provider of your choice. Our job is to serve without expectation and by doing so, we know we will receive our fair share of sales. A.There are also no additional "broker fees" added on to the pricing you receive for a service provider, from an AeroCom representative. B.All pricing and promotions are given to AeroCom (and then passed to you), directly from the provider you requested. You become a direct customer of the provider you choose, even when AeroCom helps you initiate an order. Your billing, account manager and customer service is through your chosen service provider… as it should be.

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Thank You For more information on us visit us at

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