Fatal Whispers

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FATAL WHISPERS Author: Sandra Nikolai Genre: Mysteries Thrillers Release: 2013-08-29 File Size: 328.27 KB

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Synopsis "Murder buys anything. Even murder." A millionaires beautiful young wife. A homeless woman. A parish priest. Three baffling deaths within days. No sign of foul play. No police leads. Even medical authorities cant explain the cause of death. An unprecedented occurrence in Portland Maine. Ghostwriter Megan Scott and investigative reporter Michael Elliott look for answers when their trip to this alluring New England town coincides with the mysterious deaths. As they probe deeper they discover ominous secrets buried decades ago and ruthless killers who wont let anyone get in the way of revenge. Book reviews: "Two very likeble crime solvers who are as interesting as the mystery itself" "Clever clues mild humour and a cast of thought-provoking characters" Also in this series by Sandra Nikolai:

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Each book in the series can be read as a standalone False Impressions Book 1 Timely Escape A Short Story prequel to Icy Silence Icy Silence Book 3 Dark Deeds Book 4 Broken Trust Book 5 Cold Revenge Book 6 Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery Series Box Set: Books 1-3 Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery Series Box Set: Books 4-6 IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK CLICK LINK IN THE LAST PAGE

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LINK: https://libgen.club/fatalwhispers OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK

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