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There are some new features for the growing the dynamics 365 and the powerful platform. The new features released, in October 2019. The Dynamics 365 waves 2 has the innovations that provide with the capabilities and features. Here in this presentation, get the dynamics 365 capabilities and features in detail.


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 Microsoft Dynamics 365 is connected with your third-party applications to help break down information silos with the E-Mail Marketing - Personalize Email with CRM.  There are in the dynamics 365 has the new features and growing the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft power platform.  Here learn all about the Microsoft dynamics 365 Wave 2 plan capability features How to enable that And much other information in detail. INFORMATION

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• Release plans available • Learn about the new capabilities coming in the 2019 release wave 2 October 2019-March 2020 across Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. June 10 2019 • Early access available • Try the new features and capabilities that will be a part of the 2019.Release wave 2 October update before they get enabled automatically. August 2 2019 • General Availability • Production deployment for 2019 release wave 2 begins. October 1 2019 PLAN OF DYNAMICS 365 WAVE 2

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CAPABILITIES OF DYNAMICS 365 WAVE 2 4 There is the Microsoft dynamics 365 has the significant capabilities are available. And Microsoft dynamics 365 waves 2 has the enable the early access including the new capabilities using that early access customer and partners are validating these new capabilities.  These capabilities divided into two parts.  The first one is the Function-based and the second based on productivity. And the Early access is enabled there is another reason is that we encourage application administrators to review these and if any change requires then users can do that and also available the update training resources for your users.

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FUNCTION BASED 5 PRODUCTIVITY BASED Sales Insight Customer Service insight Virtual agent for customer service Customer Insight Market Insight Fraud Protection Remote Assist Layout Product Visualize Guides

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FUNCTION BASED 6 Allows teams with more foresight to enhance productivity and better expect outcomes across the sales lifecycle. Sales Insight: Customer Service Insight Using industry-leading artificial intelligence it provides critical display metrics operational data and an operational view into growing trends. Virtual Agent for Customer Service Enables organizations to create AI-powered bots using that organization can chat with the customers and provide the new opportunity for the organization and improve the customer services digitally.

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7 Customer Insights Every organization enables to understand the customers data to secure it for intelligent insights and actions. Market Insights Able to the business users to gather the actionable insight based on the consumers for the brands and products. Fraud Protection Enables the e-commerce dealers to drive down fraud loss increase bank approval rates to generate higher revenue and improve the online shopping experience. FUNCTION BASED

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PRODUCTIVITY BASED 8 Remote Assist Solve the problem faster. Layout New ways for space planners to bring designs from idea to end with confidence and speed. Product Visualize Enables salespeople to communicate the true potential of their products. Guides Enable the employee to learn in the flow of the work providing by the holographic instruction.

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9  There is also the features are divided into two parts. First one is for marketing and other is for sale.  Here present the features for the marketing.  Get the features for the sale of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 wave 2.  Customer Insights integration  Easy setup for subscription lists  Email A/B testing  Layout editor  Support approvals using Microsoft Flow

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FEATURES 10 Customer Insights integration  Here the customer data is collected from different applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Development for Sales and Marketing.  Its standard functionality to generating the powerful display for each contact which makes information easy to understand.  Today marketers are run the campaign for the target subscription list directory.  There are you can without enter any filters or criteria to establish the target segment.  Using these feature you can create read edit and delete the subscription list directly in dynamics 365.  Using the new subscription list design element to add a list. Email A/B testing  Best ways for the find several possible email designs will produce the best results is to try each design on a different subset of your audience and then after analyzing the interaction records to see each design is received.  Marketers call this method A/B Testing.  There are the marketers have the allow creating the new alternative versions of a message and define their business goals. Layout editor  Easy for the marketers to design and modify published content.  It provides a quick and easy way to alter the appearance of email messages. Easy setup for subscription lists

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SUPPORT APPROVALS USING MICROSOFT FLOW 11 Dynamics 365 now supports a customizable approval workflow: • There are the core approvals scenario include Request approval for a record • Cancel request for approval • Approve or reject an approval request • Delegate a request for approval • Manage an overdue approval request

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave 2 12  Many users are excited about the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 wave 2.  There are the few steps are available for the enable the wave 2 release plan early access features.  Admins will need to log in with the Microsoft Power Platform.  After the Logged in Found the "Environments" tab on the left-hand navigation.  Select "environment" You are looking to able for the release update wave 2.  Right side "Updates" Window available and then Click On "Manage".  And then click on the "Update Now" to able the wave 2 release plan update. We warn that when the 1 time its updated then after it cant update repeatedly.

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13 Aegis Software – Dynamics 365 Service Provider Canada Head Office "Royal Square" 1st Floor Off No. 110 Nr.Shilp Tower Tagore Road Rajkot- 360001 Gujarat - India Branch Office 2 Robert Soeck Parkway. Suite 750Mississauga Ontario L4Z 1H8 - Canada

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