Admission Requirements to Study in UK

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A lot of scholars prefer to complete the higher education in UK. But, they are required to fulfill the admission criteria to study in United Kingdom.


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aecoverseas AEC – Abroad Education Consultants is an education consultancy assisting students who wish to study abroad. We are the official representatives of several foreign universities in India and are registered with British Council Division (British High Commission) and Singapore Tourism Board and most of our counsellors have been trained by them to promote education in their countries.


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Admission Requirements to Study in UK:

Admission Requirements to Study in UK Do you want to accomplish your higher education in United Kingdom? Well, UK has always been internationally renowned as a center of learning. The nation is one of the most preferred locations for studies by global scholars. The duration of these undergraduate programs is usually three or four years. Without any doubt, triumphant completion of the undergraduate learning brings about to get hold of the bachelor’s degree. When it comes to the postgraduate courses in UK , these are frequently taught here and every year a lot of scholars participate in these PG programs. What are the Admission Requirements?   In the United Kingdome, scholars undergo 13 years of pre-university learning. If we talk about the 1 st year of an Indian degree program, it is generally mandatory for straight entry into an undergraduate program in UK. With good marks from the board either Central Boards (CBSE or ICSE) or their comparable board, the students can also ensure a place in the college of the UK


Now, let’s talk about the vocational programs in United Kingdome. These courses provide the students with a prospect to enter the college system gradually. Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC), General Scottish Vocational Qualifications (GSVQ), etc. offer accepted programs in a variety of regulations. A big majority of scholars prefers to take admission in these vocational programs ahead of transferring to a degree course. Nearly all the UK universities agree to the Indian graduation structure of 3 years for access into most PG programs. When it comes to the Indian bachelor’s degree like B.A., B.Com , or B.Sc., these are considered similar to a British Bachelor (Usual) Degree. On the other hand, several programs and colleges may need a qualification that is equal to British Bachelor (Honors) Degree, which needs 16 years of proper learning.  Despite such common requirements for undergraduate and PG courses, there are a number of detailed course requirements that can be attained from prospectus of colleges, accessible at the Education Counseling Service. In addition, studying a postgraduate diploma in the UK may take in both teaching as well as research-grounded program. Completion of a doctorate usually takes at least 3 years.

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