Barbecuing 101

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Barbecuing 101:

Barbecuing 101 Tips and Tricks for the Novice Smoker

First Things First:

First Things First Grilling Direct heat underneath the food High cooking temperature, quick cooking time Great for tender cuts of meat (steak, burgers, chicken breasts) Smoking/BBQ Indirect heat around the food Low cooking temperature, long cooking time Great for tough cuts of meat (pork shoulder, ribs, brisket)

Picking Your Pit:

Picking Your Pit Various shapes/sizes Vertical Offset Kamado (Egg) Different fuel types Charcoal Propane Electric Wide range of prices Pit in the ground: almost free 24” Ceramic Kamado: $3, 699.99

Know Your Woods…:

Know Your Woods… Oak wood chunks Image source: Moderate Woods Hickory Maple Oak Pecan

Know Your Woods…:

Know Your Woods… Bold Woods Mesquite Cedar Walnut Mesquite wood chunks Image source:

But Not Only Meats:

But Not Only Meats Fruits Apples Pineapples Mangos Vegetables Onions Peppers Avocados Anything Else You Want Smoked Maple Ice Cream w/ Candied Bacon Baked Donut Holes Image source: 20190614_ Smoked-Maple-Ice-Cream-with-Candied-Bacon_RE_HE.jpg

The Most Important Thing:

The Most Important Thing Slow and low ( No, really. That’s it.) Smoker temperature: between 200-225 degrees Cuts of meat used in BBQ More connective tissue (tougher) Require longer cook times Breaks down tissues Melts fat to keep meat from drying out Image source: /18442a7c-1c1e-49f3-93c4-56472abc3a52.png

Contact Info:

Contact Info Amy Eddings

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