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Ashlie Dare Wood10/29/08 © : 

Ashlie Dare Wood10/29/08 © Create a Line Dance!!!

Definition, History, Etc… : 

Definition, History, Etc… To get a better understanding of line dancing please click here : Learn more about Line Dancing

Examples of Line Dances : 

Examples of Line Dances The BC Coaster is a great example of a line dance. I have provided here a word document going through the steps so you can get a better idea about how to create your very own line dance. 2001-TheBCCoaster.doc

Video of a Line Dance : 

Video of a Line Dance Sometimes to get the hang of a dance, you have to actually see someone do the steps. To get a better idea of the BC Coaster, here is a video to show you!!! The BC Coaster Video

Different Strokes for Different Folks : 

Different Strokes for Different Folks There are several different line dances. The Boot Scoot Boogie, Electric Slide, Toosh Push, and The BC Coaster seem to be some of the favorites around America. Some are more popular in areas than others. The following slide will illustrate these different line dances, and how popular they are in different areas.

Slide 7: 

Before you get started, know….. Class : Dance I - IV Grade Level : 9 – 2

Materials Needed : 

Materials Needed Boombox Pencil and paper and a creative mind!

Competency Goal 1 : 

Competency Goal 1 The learner will understand choreographic principals, processes and structures. Objectives 1.01 Identify formulas and other abstract expressions to map and predict sequences and patterns that are used in creating dance. 1.02 Define and identify the choreographic principles of unity, variety, contrast, repetition, and transition.

Technology and Goal Objectives : 

Technology and Goal Objectives Competency Goal 1: The learner will use a variety of technologies to access, analyze, interpret, synthesize, apply, and communicate information. Objectives 1.01 - Select and use appropriate technologies as a means of artistic expression. 1.02 - Use technological tools for class assignments, projects, and presentations.

Description of Idea : 

Description of Idea Students will be given their dance class period to work together as a group (cooperative learning), and choreograph their own line dance. More or less time may be needed depending on the length of class and the experience level of the students. The music used for the dance should be played on repeat so the students choreograph and rehearse with the performance music and can make sure their choreography works well. Work outside of class may be needed, so make a phone tree within your group so you can easily get up with each other.

Criteria : 

Criteria Students will be given a list of criteria which must be included in their dance. They must… implement moves learned from previous dances taught in the unit, (such as a scuff, a grapevine, a hip bump, etc). have four transition steps so they face each wall throughout their dance. Add a unique movement or personal touch.

Dance Etiquette : 

Dance Etiquette During the performance phase of the lesson, students will be asked to be critical observers of the other groups. As polite audience members they are expected to applaud after each group performs.

Ask Yourself these Questions…. : 

Ask Yourself these Questions…. Which movements are utilized that were previously learned? What unique movement was added? Did the dance have a clear transition between facings?

Sources : 

Sources NC Standard Course of Study Wikipedia Line Dances by Bill Bader Line Dancing; Tips and how tos NC Public Schools

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