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ATI Decorative Laminates offers interior designers surface solutions for Residential, Commercial, Hospitlaity, Healthcare, and Retail industries


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ATI University CEU Easy Ways to Add Flash Without Wasting Cash

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Easy Ways to Add Flash Without Wasting Cash Our fusion imaging digital printing process and decorative three dimensional thermoplastics can help designers add visual punch to a space while remaining under budget.

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Learning Points 2 3 Discuss commercial design trends as isolated by global trend experts. List several economic ways to make your interiors more vibrant and engaging Identify the properties of thermoplastic decorative sheets compatible with specific commercial applications 4 Explain the fusion imaging process and digital printing on a variety of substrates. 1

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Evermore for Less and Less Winning a project proposal means being able to deliver more for less. This CEU will explore ways to bring dazzle to your projects and delight clients by using materials that: Offer fresh stunning visuals at a fraction of the cost of materials typically specified to deliver the same impact Are more durable and easier to care for than traditionally specified materials In most cases installation is quick easy and may go on top of existing surfaces minimizing hassle and mess

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Design Trends Vibrant Color Greater Visual Impact Playful Substrates

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About Fusion Imaging Digital Printing Any high resolution image can be formatted for the Fusion or digital printing process. The Fusion process literally fuses the color or image into the substrate A variety of substrates can be used depending on the application and the properties of the material

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Substrates - Aluminum • Easy to clean and install • Satin gloss and white coated finishes available • Light weight • Resist stains and scratching • Sleek and modern

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FRP FRP panels can either be smooth or textured and are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. This substrate is great for food preparation areas bathrooms and other wet areas.

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Ceramic Tile Ceramic tile can be fused or digitally printed with your images or custom design. Ceramic tile is great for applications such as floors murals and signage

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Wood An image can be fused or digitally printed onto plywood or hardboard. Our fusion process preserves the look and beauty of the wood and on hardboard it gives a vibrant photo-realistic image.

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Glass Glass can be imaged for backsplashes tabletops doors countertops and wall applications. Solid color or translucent glass can be created with the infusing of color. Translucent glass may be backlit

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Fabric Using the fusion process with fabric is ideal for unique wallcoverings furniture wraps upholstery artwork and displays. Several different weights and weaves can be used

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Acrylic Clear PVC Polycarbonate These substrates may be fused or digitally printed for backsplashes tabletops door cabinet inserts and other interior applications where translucency is desired. These substrates can be backlit.

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Other Available Substrates Sintra Board- Great for POP displays exhibits kiosks framing and signage Aluminum Composite- Great for outdoor use POP displays exhibits kiosks framing and signage Most of our MirroFlex finishes- Great for signage branding and logo applications. 3 dimensional available

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Decorative Thermoplastic Properties Made in the USA Lightweight and flexible yet completely rigid when laminated Can be cut and screen printed Most are vacuum-formable into a variety of three dimensional patterns Special overlapping edge configurations BIO hide seams Superior impact chemical and stain resistant properties Engraving sheets signage edge-banding and imitation mirrors available Some are available with 40 post-consumer recycled material and is compatible with LEED MR4 recycled content credit Easy to fabricate and install- can even be installed with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing staples or screws Clean with mild soap and water- never abrasive materials or harsh detergents

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Thermoplastic Applications

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ATI Decorative laminates manufactures all of these exciting alternative materials. With these solutions designers are able to explore new ways to bring emphasis to their projects without going over budget.

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