Orthopedic Disorders: Foot and Ankle Clinic in NY

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Orthopedic Disorders: Foot and Ankle Clinic in NY :

Orthopedic Disorders: Foot and Ankle Clinic in NY


Foot and ankle disorders can make it really challenging for people to perform day to day tasks as well as take part in things they enjoy. Therefore necessary care from a Foot and ankle Clinic in NY is crucial to get rid of the immobility and pain rooting from a foot and ankle injury. The physicians and surgeons at Advance Foot and Ankle Solutions can create a comprehensive foot and ankle treatment plan for you depending on your injury or condition. Some of the ways foot and ankle condition can be treated include :


There are both surgical and nonsurgical options available for foot and ankle treatment.


Orthotics and bracing- to provide support to the tendons and joints, reduce stress in the affected areas and restrict motion.


Immobilization- to limit motion and reduce the weight the joint or bone has to handle


Steroid injections and anti-inflammatory medications- to relieve pain and reduce swelling


Rehabilitation and physical therapy- to improve stamina, strength and flexibility


Surgical procedures such as such as open surgery, realignment and arthroscopic surgery.


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