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This study discusses HR management for hotel and also discusses training process, Learning Goals. Training is an indispensable need for every organization. Training leads to employee retention, reduces turn over's and motivates them.


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Learning Goals:

Learning Goals Need of training the UKCBC Hotel staffs Importance of training How to train the UKCBC staffs? Training and motivation 3

The training process:

The training process 4

Why do we need to train our staff?:

Why do we need to train our staff? Training will help UKCBC Hotel to Posses new skills and sharpen the existing ones Makes the staff aware of the organisation’s expectations from them Lead to employee participation Strengthen employee relationship Help them to respond in times of emergency 5

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Benefits of training:

Benefits of training Increase in productivity Leads to staff motivation Reduces work place conflicts Lowers recruitment and training costs Helps gain competitive advantage 7

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Training techniques for UKCBC staff:

Training techniques for UKCBC staff Vigorous training for all employees for the initial few months - make them aware what is organization's expectation from them Both off the job and in- the job training. Virtual demonstration of the real life situations they are expected to meet.(Handling VIP guests, emergency situations) Regular communication (daily briefings) 9

Trained employees are motivated:

Trained employees are motivated Trained manager knows the importance of motivating his staffs hence all are in high spirits Training leads to better job output which in turn leads to motivation Training makes you a Better -fit hence always motivated. 10

A thought to ponder…:

A thought to ponder… 11


Conclusion Training is an indispensible need for every organization UKCBC hotel during the phase of its foundation should be more careful in designing its training process. Training leads to employee retention, reduces turn over's and motivates them. 12


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