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Safety Tips to Consider for Water Activities PRESENTED BY

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ATI | Solo Travel Packages 1. Know how to swim If you are going into the water know how to swim. Take swimming lessons from the organization they will offer classes for all ages that help you learn swimming if you don’ t know.

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2. Wear a life jacket No matter how well you swim you must wear a life jacket. It is a great risk if you fall into deep water. Also make sure that the lifeguards approve of jacket and harness.

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3. Never swim or dive alone Diving alone is enjoyable but it is not safe when you are going to the beach. Be careful to marine animals the depth of water pollution and more.

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4. Carry more equipment When you are going to boating take more equipment like jackets a first aid kit bottles of water towels and so on. Travel with an expert if possible to guide you.

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5. Don’t drink Dehydrated during water activity drink water instead of an alcoholic drink. It can be risky for you and caught in a dangerous situation.

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6. Be respectful of all sea life Seeing whales or dolphins up close may be thrilling for you. But make sure to maintain distance from them to avoid danger. Interacting with marine lifes is illegal in many countries.

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