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Looking for cost effective things to do in Grand Cayman during your stay?The best way to make the most of your trip is to snorkel the various coral gardens and reefs surrounding the island. Don’t know how to find them? Wellcheck out Adventura Cayman’s adventure map, designed to help tourists learn all about the best snorkel sites in Cayman along with other great things to do in Grand Cayman. Choose from over 20 unique, off the beaten path spots to discover in Cayman on your bike, on a kayak or with your snorkel gear. All you need is your snorkel gear and a thirst to explore! For more information, please visit our website at


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The Amazing Things To Do In Cayman To Have An Exciting Experience

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Not only does Grand Cayman have everything adventurous to make for a thrilling and daring escape, it has more than enough solace and amenities to enjoy yourself and stick around. So what makes Grand Cayman so unique to you? If you wish to know the things to do in Cayman, Adventura Cayman is all you need.

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The must-do things while in Grand Cayman There are practically endless things to do in Grand Cayman which will give your vacation the touch of excitement and enjoyment you deserve. Barkers is right in the center of a national park. This quiet location would be a favorite if you are a kite surfer. Its shallow waters are protected from the reef making these calm waters perfect for kayaking or paddle boarding. This is a great spot to paddle your way out the coral reef for some snorkeling . Cemetary Beach is another place which you must visit while at Grand Cayman. This is a lovely stretch of beach on Seven Mile, lying adjacent to one of Cayman’s colorful cemeteries. This site is best known for its decent reef formations just off the shore. Being at Governers Creek, you will have the excitement of paddling through the mangrove and enjoy the best tapas. Just up the road from the Kimpton , this location is perfect for beginners trying out paddle boarding. The waters are always calm as they are protected by the land and surrounding red mangrove forests.

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Stingray City is an absolute must amongst the things to do in Cayman for anyone visiting the Cayman Islands. What better way is there to do it than on your own terms? If you’re not a fan of being stuck on a boat with large crowds, going by kayak is a great alternative. Not only is it cheaper, but it allows you to spend as long as you like on site. There are also coral reefs nearby that you can snorkel.

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Swimming in the Bioluminescence bay is possibly one of the most incredible natural phenomena you’ll ever experience! The entrance to the bay is only a short kayak from Rum Point and takes no longer than 10 minutes. You can walk down the beach from Rum Point straight to the entrance of the bio bay and enjoy the excitement that Grand Cayman has to offer. You will definitely enjoy it here at Grand Cayman with Adventura Cayman . You can book our tours by calling us at +1 (345) 525 4455 .

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