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Looking for cost effective things to do in Grand Cayman during your stay?The best way to make the most of your trip is to snorkel the various coral gardens and reefs surrounding the island. Don’t know how to find them? Wellcheck out Adventura Cayman’s adventure map, designed to help tourists learn all about the best snorkel sites in Cayman along with other great things to do in Grand Cayman. Choose from over 20 unique, off the beaten path spots to discover in Cayman on your bike, on a kayak or with your snorkel gear. All you need is your snorkel gear and a thirst to explore! For more information, please visit our website at


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Make your journey special and memorable with unparallel things to do in Grand Cayman

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The Cayman Islands has some great snorkeling and diving sites in the world! The beautiful coral reefs, pristine water, and stunning marine life have made this island a favorite destination and you have many adventurous things to do in Cayman. Luckily, the crystal clear waters and energetic marine life can be easily reached and can be a great way to make your journey truly impressive.  Close to shore and easily accessible, our tour guide services can be a great resource for enjoying the spectacular Cayman Island. For snorkelers, divers, and marine life enthusiasts, Grand Cayman is home to its very popular attractions and to mention a few are as follows! Stingray City The world-famous Stingray City offers a lot of things to do in Grand Cayman , where thousands of travelers come every year to play and interact with southern stingrays. You can stand or swim in the waist height clear water and amuse yourself with stingrays of several sizes. You can pet or feed the rays as they gently swarm all around you. The Stingray City will never short of stingrays and professionals guide help you learn about the their behavior and provide snorkel and mask to swim near the stingrays with confidence to feel their touch.

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Colorful reefs The condition of the water is usually calm with unbelievable visibility. Your vacation can be a perfect way to try something new and adventurous. One of the Cayman Island’s favorite day sailing adventure is snorkeling around the colorful reef areas such as Cemetery Reef, Eden Rock, the wreck of the Cali Eden Rock, Devil’s Grotto, Bloody Bay, Fringing reef etc.  These colorful reefs are home to abundant colorful marine life including parrot fish, reef sharks, and giant turtles. White-sand beaches The water in Grand Cayman is incredibly good-looking and the beaches are beautiful with the shiny white sand beside the sapphire blue waters. Some beaches are very crowded and noisy. Going further down the coast, you can find it more quiet and peaceful. The beaches such as Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Kai, Rum Point, Sandy Point, Owen Island and much more that offer many things to do in Cayman. You can enjoy many recreational opportunities such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, adventure sports, sailing, and more these beach paradises can offer.

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Underwater Caves Vacationers love the idea of diving in Grand Cayman to observe the incredible marine life in several sizes and colors in the warm, clear water.  While diving, you might realize that the island is also the site of some underwater natural caves formation that is purely spectacular.  Devil’s Grotto, Grouper Grotto, Teachers Caverns, Bats Cave Reef, Trinity Caves are some of the best cave dives that Grand Cayman has to offer. Conclusion Adventura Cayman is one of the best local tour operators and snorkeling gear rental provider work with true Caymanian hospitality. Our skilled operators are prepared to educate safe snorkel techniques to beginner snorkelers as well as seasoned divers. We are the one stop solution for all of the latest diving and snorkeling gears you need for your best things to do in Cayman. If you wish to make your journey truly memorable do contact us at +1 (345) 525 4455 in advance today!

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