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From new cylinder heads to remanufactured and modified cylinder heads, you say it and we do it.Ensuring the best quality cylinder heads of various makes and models crafted by skilled and innovative workforce in USA.Visit ADV cylinder heads on Nation Wide Supplier of Cylinder Heads or call on (818) 886-8041.


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About Us ADV Cylinder Heads is an industry leading cylinder head remanufacturer specializing in new as well as remanufactured cylinder headsfrom all vehicle makes and models. We also specialize in high performance brand new heads and cylinder head modifications. For over 40 Years, our company has been dedicated to providing quality cylinder heads and Auto Parts for customers internationally. Our facility is located in Southern California 20 mile radius from Los Angeles. We utilize all of the latest style of equipment used for remanufacturing our cylinder heads. Our Rottler equipment is U.S made and produced in Washington, CA and has the latest technology used in today’s cylinder heads. The engine industry is continually changing, and in order to be competitive, you must be up to date with the latest style machinery. 

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Intensive Cleaning Process     Our cleaning process is one of the most intensive in today’s industry. Once we receive our core cylinder heads, they are sent over to our Hot Tank which uses an aqueous solution to remove the grease and oil from the head. After that process is completed, the valves are sent over to our Glass Bead machine which is very aggressive in restoring the valves to give it a shiny new finish. The cylinder head is then placed in an Ultra Sonic machine which uses electricity along with water to help remove carbon from all ports and water jackets. The engine is then sent over to the machining department to begin restoring the cylinder head to new condition.    

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Latest & Most Advanced Machinery ADV Cylinder Heads uses what is called a PCD (PolyCrystalline Diamond) to mill all aluminum cylinder heads and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitrate) for cast iron. PCD is a diamond stone which is the only material recommended to cut aluminum cylinder heads. The Rottler S7M is accompanied by a cutter with 2 separate diamond inserts. The Rottler VR7 refaces the valve to provide the perfect 45 degree angle to make sure the valve sits tight in the head. It also grinds the valve stem/Butt. In addition, the 3 angle valve grind will grind the valve seat to the perfect angle to ensure proper valve closure. Once the valves are ready, they are inserted in the cylinder head and checked using a vacuum valve seat tester. This machine will suck air from the intake to ensure the valve and valve seats have been machined properly. If the vacuum valve seat tester senses a leak from the valve, this means the valve or valve seat was not ground properly and the head will be re-ground to ensure proper valve closure.

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ADDRESS :  Los Angeles CA TELEPHONE : +1 (818) 886-8041 Contact us

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