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HVAC grilles and diffusers, air supply diffusers available in different sizes & can be used in supplying and extracting air vertically without any kind of deflection, High- Quality diffusers, by which you can direct the air at different angles by profiled blades when the air is leaving the unit and going into space. To know more Visit our online store and shop your product now.


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Supply Diffusers and Grilles are to be used as air distribution devices that help to condition the air in various directions of the room or any official or commercial space through the use of its deflecting vanes. Supply Diffusers It is designed for the efficient distribution of conditioned air with the air already in the space. It is important to properly blend the conditioned air into space to provide cooling and heating and to distribute fresh air to the entire space and avoid stagnant air in the space.

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These grilles are usually connected with ductwork by which air can return to any cooling or heating system or unit. Through a system of connected ducts the air will be pushed through into rooms and spaces in every cooling or heating system unit. Return grilles help to increase the air pressure in the area and at some time it blocks the unhealthy or dead air further from entering the space. Return Grilles : In certain cases the air is to be released with the help of connected ducts.

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DIFFUSER AND GRILLES PRODUCTS DTA3 - STEEL MODULAR DIFFUSER 12X12 WITH 3 PLATES AND INSULATION • Aluminum or Steel diffuser for lay-in 12” x 12” • 3 modules with 4 way distribution • Insulated backpan with 3” collar in sizes 06” to 16”. • Fiberglass insulation included in R6 or R8. MATERIALS: Galvanized metal sheet 26 gauge. Fiberglass insulation R- 6 or R-8. FINISH: Baked electrostatic paint polyester white Vermont as standard finish or bright white. Sealed plastic packaging.

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RHA - STEEL RETURN GRILLE MATERIALS: Constructed with steel profiles model RH Aluminum option. FINISH: Bright White standard. APPLICATIONS: For installation in walls ceiling for residences shops offices etc. PACKAGING: Airtight plastic packaging for fixing screws. Comparable to Titus Diffusers Grilles Return grille built with steel profiles and curved vanes 1 “and parallel to the long dimension at 45 ° fixed deflection with free air passage area of 70.

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