Tips on Decorating Your Home with Interior LED Lighting

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Different kinds of LED lights are required for each room, such as a kitchen, bedroom, dining, etc. Each room requires different kinds of interior LED lighting depending upon aura, and tasks we perform in the particular room.


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Tips on Decorating Your Home with Interior LED Lighting LED lights are the best in terms of decorating the interior space. The reason being LED lights are more energy efficient safe and are available in a wide range of colors patterns and designs to suit every room’s theme. Further LED lights have a longer life span and could be turned on and off multiple times without affecting the life span of the lights. Different kinds of LED lights are required for each room such as a kitchen bedroom dining etc. Each room requires different kinds of interior LED lighting depending upon aura and tasks we perform in the particular room. Tips and tricks to decorate your home with LEDs  Drawing Room: It is a room remaining occupied with gatherings. Many friends and relatives gather together for entertainment in the drawing room and are packed most of the time. White LED lights are ideal for being used inside the false ceiling. While LED strip light of any color can be used inside the false ceiling to make the drawing room look perfect. The lights are ideal for creating an aura of happiness and togetherness and are a perfect match for your drawing room.  Kitchen: The room requires lighting from all areas to get a clear view and ease at performing the task. Platform and sinks in almost all kitchens require heavy lighting. Under cabinet LED lights can be used for lighting up the cabinets. Pantries in the counter areas could be highlighted using narrow beam lights. Different colored LED bulbs could be used to give a unique look and highlight the regions in the chopping area.  Dining Room: It is ideal to use rotating lights in the dining room to focus more on the dining table. Hanging or pendant lights are ideal for the dining room. Ensure to hang pendant light at the current height to avoid any mishaps.  Bedrooms: When you are thinking about LED lights for your bedroom ensure to use accent lights since heavy lighting should be avoided in the bedroom. Ascent lights could be used for highlighting the art pieces and photo

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frames and does not emit too much light. Else one can use different color low intensity LED bulbs to make your bedroom a calm and relaxing place. LED lighting Placement Tips:  Avoid placing the lights in Corner: Never place the LED lights in the corners of a room the reason being it is a total wastage of lights and you won’t be able to save much on your LED lights.  Place the LED lights away from the fan diameters: Never place the LED lights within the proximity of the fan blade’s running diameter. Since it will create a flicker in the whole room and the lights won’t be of any use. Conclusion: LED lights are ideal to be used inside homes due to the numerous benefits it holds. The LED lights designed for illuminating interiors are available in a wide range of color and lumen intensity also varies. Different rooms and corners in our homes require different levels of illumination. Even the color tone also varies depending on your interiors. Also Read: Buy Quality LED Lights from Phoenix and Get Best Lighting Experience

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