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Advance Biotech is one of the reputed names in the industry when it comes to acquiring CBD oil and hemp based products. With the headquarters being set up in the United Kingdom, the company provides finest quality legal kosher cbd oil in UK. The employees at Advance Biotech have a long experience and immense knowledge and hence play a major role in developing a plethora of products like Spagyric CBD oils 1%/2%/5%/8%, Hemp paste, CBD balms, Hemp oil, E-vape, Hemp Capsules, and more. Our company provides a solution to the age old question of where to order or buy CBD oil online. The research in Hemp in order to develop a wide variety of products has witnessed a huge jump in the past few years. Finest Quality CBD Oil visit - Natural & Organic CBD E-Vape Oils visit at - Enriched CBD Hemp Balm & Cream visit at - CBD Paste (Hemp Paste) visit - Organic, Vegan Friendly, Non-GMO Spagyric Tinctures visit - 100% Natural CBD Hemp Capsules visit -


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Slide 1: +44 (0) 2078713120 High Quality CBD & Hemp Based Products

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Advance Biotech Ltd Advance Biotech is one of the reputed names in the industry when it comes to acquiring CBD oil and hemp based products. Advance Biotech have a long experience and immense knowledge to play a major role in developing a plethora of products like Spagyric CBD oils, Hemp Paste, Hemp Balms & Creams, E- Vape Oils, Hemp Capsules etc. We pride ourselves in offering the purest form of cbd products which has endeared us to our customers. +44 (0) 2078713120

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Wide Range of CBD Products by Advance Biotech CBD Oil E- Vape Oil Hemp Balm & Cream Raw Hemp Extract Spagyric Tinctures CBD Hemp Capsules +44 (0) 2078713120

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Finest Quality CBD Oil - 100% Natural from Organic Cannabis Sativa L. CBD oil stands for Cannabidiol oil. It is a type of Phytocannabinoid that enjoys wide applications. Manufacturing process of CBD oil starts by making use of hand cut hemp that is of superlative quality. Entire production procedure of cannabis oil is designed and planned in a manner that ensures Flavonoids , Cannabinoids , and Terpenes being maintained in their original ratios. +44 (0) 2078713120

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E- Vape Oil from Finest Hemp 100% natural, organic E- Vape oil. The finest hemp is being used to produce the CBD. The CBD Vape oils come in different flavours . Vaping is the process of rapidly absorbing the cbd oils through the lungs usually using a vaping device. This makes it highly bio available to the body. +44 (0) 2078713120

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Hemp Balm & Cream - Enriched with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract +44 (0) 2078713120 Hemp balm and hemp cream are produced using the same holistic techniques from synthetic compounds and parabens . Hemp balm is made from blend of natural ingredients ranging from organic hemp extract (Cannabis Sativa L.), Jojoba Oil, Cacao Butter and Apricot Extract. Achemic hemp balm is designed with the use of natural preservative in the form of Rosemary extract, along with Olive Lecithin to maintain its consistency.

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Raw Hemp Extract - Hemp Paste Raw Hemp is the pure extract from the hemp plant and has high number of cannabinoids , terpenes and flavanoids . It has numerous industrial applications in different countries. It can be tapped for application in the form of oil, paste, or Raw extract. It is one of the most versatile sources. +44 (0) 2078713120

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Spagyric Tinctures - Unique and Complete Herb / Plant Extraction Spagyric Tinctures are specially extracted plant formulations. The special spagyric tinctures have been combined with other ingredients that enhance effectiveness. All of our products within the Spagyric oil family are Organic, Vegan Friendly and non-GMO. +44 (0) 2078713120

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CBD Hemp Capsules - Rich in Cannabinoids Hemp Capsules are an easy and convenient way of getting the required dose of cannabinoids into your system. Our 100% natural CBD hemp capsules are rich in cannabinoids and are an excellent dietary supplement all year round. The CBD capsules casings are made from vegetable cellulose making them vegan-friendly. +44 (0) 2078713120

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Why Advance Biotech? +44 (0) 2078713120 Award Winning CBD Manufacturer. Fully Lab Tested Products. CBD Products are Organic, Vegan & Kosher Certified. Hand Crafted & Legal Products. Only Company in Europe Manufacturing CBD using Holistic Extraction Method. Products Manufactured Using Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile. Fast Product Delivery. No Added Gimics .

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To Know More Visit us at : Keep in Touch / advancebiotechltd / @ advance_biotech / advancebiotech / +44 (0) 2078713120 /company/advance-biotech-ltd/ / advancebiotechuk /

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