Definite and Indefinite Articles

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Determinative Article and Indeterminative Article


determinative Or Definite article The determinative article is The . It is used for singular and plural, and masculine and feminine nouns.


determinative Or Definite article It isn’t used for: pronouns verbs proper nouns individual mountains lakes singular names of countries and continents towns and cities


indeterminative or Indefinite article The indefinite articles are two: A and An . A is used before a word that begins with a consonant or a vowel that has a sound like a consonant ( ju ) An is used before a vowel or silent “ h ”. There are very few words which begin with a silent “ h ” in English: heir 4. honour heiress 5. honesty hour 6. honest


They are used for: singular unspecified common nouns price, velocity, ratio: £5 akilo, 80 Kms an hour, once a week . certain numerical expressions: a dozen, an eighth, a thousand, a lot of, a few indeterminative or Indefinite article They aren’t used for: uncountable nouns plural common nouns Verbs Pronouns Geographic proper nouns


Invariable The boy The girls The girl The boys A A Eu ropean boy sound Ju A N An h our silent H Indefinite Article Definite Article Watch out!

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