3 Steps to cure adrenal fatigue naturally

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This is hard to believe, but it is estimated that adrenal fatigue affects about 80% of people in the world! Chronic stress and lifestyle affect the body's ability to recover from physical, mental or emotional stress.


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3 Steps to cure adrenal fatigue naturally This is hard to believe but it is estimated that adrenal fatigue affects about 80 of people in the world Chronic stress and lifestyle affect the bodys ability to recover from physical mental or emotional stress. Adrenal Fatigue Solution 5/21/2018

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In fact whether for a short period or a chronic disease most people are confronted with adrenal fatigue at some point in their lives. Symptoms include:  Aches  Difficulty concentrating  Incessant thoughts  Mood swings and irritability  Always tired  Feeling overwhelmed  Hormonal imbalance  Cravings for sweet and savory foods These symptoms may be a sign of different problems and are often neglected by doctors but more and more people are beginning to realize that a combination of these might indicate the onset of adrenal fatigue also known as Name of adrenal insufficiency. And if you have adrenal fatigue it can also be a major cause of excess fat storage and low energy levels. So lets talk exactly about what your adrenal fatigues are doing and how you can overcome adrenal fatigue in three simple steps. Your incredible adrenal fatigue Your adrenal fatigues are two thumb-sized organs that are on top of your kidneys and are part of the endocrine system. They are involved in the production of more than 50 hormones that control almost all bodily functions many of which are essential for life. Hormones affect all functions organs and tissues in the body directly or indirectly. They react to each other and also to the States of the body in a complex and very sensitive equilibrium. The adrenal glands work in close collaboration with the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in a system known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis HHS axis.

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The adrenal fatigues play a very important role in the response to stress. Your brain is experiencing a threat – emotional mental or physical. Medulla releases hormones to help you react to the threat fight or leak reaction quickly sending blood to your brain heart and muscles. The adrenal cortex then releases corticosteroids to alleviate processes such as digestion immune system response and other functions not required for immediate survival. Your adrenal fatigues are responsible for balancing hormones such as: Glucocorticoid – hormones that balance blood glucose promote energy and food metabolism help your body relieve stress and manage your immune response e.g. cortical. Mineral corticoid – hormones that maintain healthy blood pressure manage the level of hydration of your blood and keep your blood healthy by maintaining the balance of salt and water e.g. aldosterone. Sex hormones – estrogen and testosterone. Adrenaline – hormones that affect your heart health ensure that all parts of the body receive blood and convert glycogen into glucose in the liver.

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What are the causes of adrenal fatigue Adrenal fatigue is a condition where your body and your adrenal fatigues cannot cope with the enormous amount of daily stress that many people feel. Sometimes mistakenly considered an autoimmune disease adrenal fatigue can mimic some precursors of other common diseases. Well-being practitioners believe that an episode of acute stress or prolonged and chronic stress can cause the adrenal glands to become overwhelmed and ineffective. They believe that adrenal fatigue can be caused by:  Stressful experiences such as the death of a loved one a divorce or a surgical operation  Exposure to environmental toxins and pollution  Long-term stress due to financial hardship poor relationships or poor work environment and other factors that lead to a feeling of powerlessness  Negative thoughts and emotional trauma  Lack of sleep  Poor diet and lack of exercise Symptoms of adrenal fatigue What happens when the adrenal fatigues stop producing hormones effectively Each function of the body is affected and as the levels of adrenal hormones dwindle the energy you get from them in normal time disappears. Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include:  Morning Fatigue or difficulty waking up  Decreased libido  Depression  Muscle weakness

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 Poor concentration  Bone loss  Inflammation  Increased allergies  Difficulty sleeping  Irritability  Fatigue  Sugar Cravings  Hair Fall  Weight Gain  Muscular Tension  Inability to tolerate foods high in carbohydrate/potassium unless they are associated with lipids and proteins. If you have experienced any of these side effects of adrenal fatigue rejoice as there are now many natural ways to treat and support your rental system. 3 Steps to cure adrenal fatigue The treatment of adrenal fatigue is to reduce the stress of your body and mind eliminate toxins avoid negative thoughts and regenerate your body with healthy foods and positive thoughts. 1. Feeding for adrenal fatigue In all cases of adrenal recovery diet is an essential factor. There are a number of foods that promote the adrenal function. They help replenish your adrenal energy so that your system can return to full health. But first you need to start by removing all the hard-to-digest foods and all the toxins and chemicals from your environment.

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The idea is to remove everything that tests your adrenal fatigue. Foods to avoid include: Caffeine: It can interfere with your sleep cycle and make it difficult to recover your adrenal glands. If you have to drink coffee or beverages containing caffeine then take a limited amount in the morning before noon. Sugar and sweeteners: This also means avoiding high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Avoid sweet foods cereals candies sweets etc. Be aware that sugar is an additive in many loaves condiments and sauces. Try to avoid the added sugar as much as possible. Take advantage of the benefits of raw honey or Stevie as an alternative. Processed foods and microwaves: First of all the microwave has its own dangers but in addition most microwave foods have many preservatives and additives that are difficult to digest and deplete the energy and cycle of Digestion of your body. Try to buy food on the outside walls of your grocery store and prepare your own food whenever possible. Hydrogenated oils: vegetable oils such as soy rapeseed and corn oils are highly inflammatory and can lead to inflammation of the adrenal glands. Try to use only good fats such as coconut oil olive oil raw butter or organic ghee. Then you need to add nutritious foods that are easy to digest and that have healing qualities. Some of the best adrenal health super foods include:  Coconut  Olives  Lawyer  Brasslike vegetables cauliflower broccoli Brussels sprouts etc.  Fatty fish e.g. wild salmon  Chicken and Turkey  Oilseeds such as nuts and almonds

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 Seeds such as squash china and flax  Kelp and algae  Salt or the Himalayas These foods help to overcome adrenal insufficiency because they are nutrient rich have low sugar content and contain healthy fats and fibers. 2. Supplements for adrenal fatigue Another important key to overcoming adrenal fatigue is to take the right supplements. I always recommend eating the right foods to heal your body. However due to the depletion of soils due to intensive agriculture and other unhealthy practices most fruits and vegetables do not contain the same amount of nutrients they contained even 50 years ago. Therefore some nutrients that strengthen the adrenals are needed to recover your adrenal function such as:  Ashwagandha  Holy Basil  Fish oil EPA/DHA

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 Magnesium  Vitamin B5  Vitamin B12  Vitamin C  Vitamin D3  Zinc Taking these supplements in their whole food form could greatly improve your symptoms of adrenal deficiency. 3. Stress reduction for adrenal fatigue The last and most important key to restoring your adrenal function is to take into account the needs of your mind and your stress. Take care of your body  Rest when you feel tired as much as possible.  Sleep 8-10 hours a night.  Avoid staying awake late and stay on a regular sleep cycle – ideally in bed before 10:00 p.m.  Laugh and does something fun every day.  Reduce stress at work and relationship stress.  Eat on a regular cycle and reduce your dependence on caffeine and sugar.  Exercise even moderate exercise and walking can help.  Avoid negative people and inner dialogue.  Take some time for yourself do something relaxing.  Ask for advice or support for any traumatic experience. Lets talk about "inner dialogue" for a minute. Our body is made to heal. However the words we say have a great impact on our body and on our

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ability to heal. Regardless of the diet and supplements you take your environment is one of the most important elements. So be nice to yourself. Try to avoid saying negative things about yourself and others. It is important to choose to be surrounded by positive people and stay positive about yourself too. Recovery time of adrenal insufficiency The recovery of adrenal fatigue may take a little time. After all it took months even years to deplete your adrenal glands so it takes a little time to strengthen them. For a complete recovery of the adrenals you can expect this to take:  6-9 months for minor adrenal fatigue  12-18 months for moderate fatigue  Up to 24 months for severe adrenal fatigue The best approach is to make strong changes to your lifestyle for lasting results. If you are aiming for a balanced lifestyle with a healthy level of sleep and exercise a fun and positive environment then you are more likely to keep your adrenal system strong

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