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Teacher’s in Action Project:

Teacher’s in Action Project Jennifer Schutte Jschutte09@knights.ucf.edu November 15, 2013 EEX 4070

Special Olympics Florida:

Special Olympics Florida The Special Olympics is a program designed for people of all ages who have a disability to perform individual and/or group competitions. Year round sports for people with intellectual disabilities. Sports include: Softball, Baseball, Surfing, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, etc. Opportunity to develop and demonstrate their ability. Eunice Kennedy Shiver started Special Olympics in her backyard in the 1960’s. Florida alone serves 23,000 Olympians. 65% school-aged, 35% 21 and older.


Engagement Started when I was about 10 years old. Softball teams. Powerlifting. Closing ceremonies. Awards. Check-in/check-out.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Participant Demographics Intellectually disabled. Hearing Impaired. Worked with roughly 200 athletes. Section 300.8 of I.D.E.A Child with a disability

Service In Action:

Handing out awards at the end of a softball game. Service In Action Top: Star Shiners cheering on their fellow teammate. Bottom: Star Shiner teammate at bat with Apopka Blue Darters fielding.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Boring games. Not a lot of action. A lot of rules not being followed. Previously worked with both programs that I did. Already had some idea. Very surprised. Touched emotionally. Left wanting to help again. Perception of Differences

Connections to Your Course :

Connections to Your Course EEX 4070 UDL is important for students. LD isn’t always a specific type. Assistive technology is helpful for all students.

Civic Engagement :

Civic Engagement Volunteering is awesome! Very helpful for student engagement. A lot of fun. Great opportunities.

Final Thoughts and Reflection :

Final Thoughts and Reflection Look up ways to volunteer or help others. Teachers can influence students into opinions. Motivate others to get involved.

The End:

The End

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