Best and Innovative Features of Vape Pens


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With the popularity of e-cigarettes increasing day by day Vape pens are being under research and resulting innovations.


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Best and Innovative Features of Vape Pens - American Distributors LLC With the popularity of e-cigarettes increasing day by day Vape pens are being under research and resulting innovations. The best vape pens combine style performance and durability and include adjustable settings like temperature or voltage. The advantage points of a vape pen are its size and portability having only one-button controls and LCD displays. Vape pen manufacturers see to it that the devices are very streamlined to suit the consumer but at the same time as hard-hitting as the old veterans. The various kinds of new attractive vape pens are ‘thread vaporizer pens’ which can be used with different tanks and also vape pens that use built-in tanks. There are many categories of new modern vape pens out in the market which have new innovative features let us take a look at the various pros and cons of these latest editions of and additions to the modern vape pen. Category 1 1 Plus features • Has many batteries and tank upgrades available • It comes with good flavour and vapor production • Its good for mouth-to-lung vapers and ex-smokers • Operation is Simple • Use BVC atomizers bottom vertical coil • The kits come with two of everything: two batteries two coils. Minus features • This kind cannot be used while charging • The tanks are difficult to fill 2 Plus features • They have sturdy all-stainless steel build

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• They support both mouth-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping • have easy one-button controls • 50W maximum output • Battery life is long Minus features • No adjustable features • Dry hits occur sometimes 3 Plus features • These are available in multiple colors black rainbow green and stainless steel • they are very easy to use as they don’t have many complex features • A highly affordable option that offers good value for money • Large capacity and battery life Minus points • Hard to conceal due to its size Category 2 Vape pens for dry herbs are the smallest form of a vaporizer they are portable and convenient. The battery capacity is limited but that is because of the size one more drawback is that the sessions are short. But the biggest advantage is stealth and privacy facilitated due to its size. A big advantage and the best one is that since there is no combustion there is no smoke and since there is no smoke there is no lung problem relating to toxins. Though Weed vape pens are tiny and inconspicuous. They are not as powerful or efficient larger portable vaporizers nor do they produce the same quality vapor but again the purpose of a dry herb vape pen is size and convenience. Plus points • Easy-to-use and load • Great vapor production • Long-lasting battery • Precision temperature control minus points • The outer casing can get hot

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• Glass piece gets lost and breaks easily Choose that vaping- pen which suits you the range is vast and the market is open. Smoq Disposable ​ ​American Distributors LLC

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