Volunteering projects India for the welfare of backward society

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Volunteering projects India initiated by Ispiice to look into the growth and advancement of backward societies in India.


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Introduction Volunteering projects India has been initiated by Ispiice to look into the development and advancement of backward communities in India. Volunteering ranges from working with children, women empowerment, working with orphans , teaching English and the like.


India at a glance The percentage of economically deprived communities in India is large, due to which individuals from across the world participate in different volunteering campaigns across India. India is home to different cultures and traditions and also from the historical perspective India offers a lot to see for the tourists.


Teaching Volunteering and teaching is done in the most elementary manner. Learning involves a lot of fun and activities. The durations of classes are short, outdoor activities also form an integral part of the learning module.


Travelling Volunteers are assigned with guides to venture out to the neighbouring places during their offs. Sightseeing and travelling to several places of historical importance is a part of the package which they register for. Volunteers can enrich their experience by performing the above mentioned activities during their stay in India.


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