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Interview Zone:

Interview Zone


Objectives Understand the concept & purpose of the interview Learn how to prepare for your interview Develop strategies and techniques for a good interview

The three most important things you should do before your interview::

The three most important things you should do before your interview: 1. PREPARE! 2. PREPARE! 3. PREPARE!


DEFINITION OF INTERVIEW Any face-to-face contact with anyone who has the authority to hire or supervise a person with your skills. They may or may not have a job opening at the time you interview with them.

Before the Interview:

Before the Interview Research the employer Find out what the job responsibilities are Find out and record where, when, and with whom you will interview with Prepare a resume

Why spend time finding out about the employer/job?:

Why spend time finding out about the employer/job? Your goal is to show the employer why you are the best person for the job Relate your strengths and experience to the job

First Impressions:

First Impressions Your Resume Your Application Your Clothes & Appearance Your Body Language

Face to Face:

Face to Face The Dirty Dozen - Interview Questions You say you can do the job - Prove It!!

Prove You Can Do The Job:

Prove You Can Do The Job Employers want concrete examples Identify your skills: adaptive, transferable, and job-related Present a good “story” Use data - numbers, volume, %, etc. Emphasize results: what happened as a result of your skills/efforts? Link up what you’re good at to how you can help the employer out in this job

What is the employer looking for?:

What is the employer looking for? Job skills and transferable/adaptable skills Flexibility Dependability Teamwork Productivity Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Organizational Skills & Leadership Skills Communication/Customer Service Ability to continuously learn

Closing the Interview:

Closing the Interview Review your strengths Ask questions The Call-Back


Follow-up Send a Thank You Call back in a few weeks Get a second interview

Don’t Give Up:

Don’t Give Up It takes time and persistence to reach your goal Consider every interview a learning experience

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