HongMeng OS_ How Far Do We Know About It_


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Chinese company Huawei has decided to use their own operating system on their phones after the suspension of their Android license by Google.


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HongMeng OS: How Far Do We Know About It Chinese company Huawei has decided to use their own operating system  on their phones after the suspension of their Android license by Google.   Long back even before Google’s decision the consumer business head  Richard Yu​ said in an interview that they had prepared their own operating  systems known as ​“HongMeng OS”​ and no longer requires other systems.  However they would still prefer to work with the huge ecosystems of  Google and Microsoft.  Hongmeng OS​ also known as Ark OS and Homegrown OS is an  Android-app compatible OS which is still under the development phase by

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Huawei since 2012 for their future technology products. Although there is  limited information provided as the OS is still not officially released to the  public here is what we have dug up so far  1. Launching this Fall or Before Spring 2020  According to state-owned Chinese newspaper ​Global Times​ Richard Yu  said that Huawei’s Hongmeng OS will be launching soon in September  2019 to the end of May 2020.   2. They’d Still Prefer Google and Microsoft Software  Yu stated that they would still prefer using the huge ecosystems of  Microsoft and Google software but as they don’t have any other choice  they have to build their own operating system.  3. HongMeng will be a Universal OS Across Multiple  Device Types  According to the Global Times Yu stated like Apple has iOS for iPhones  and MacOS for its computers Google has Chrome OS for Chromebook  laptops and Android for mobile the HongMeng OS they are building would  be a comprehensive system and can be used on Huawei’s PC TV  Smartphone Tablet and Smart Wearable devices. It would be compatible  with nearly all the ​Android apps​ as well.

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4. Currently the HongMeng OS is in Trial  It is no surprise that OS is in trial since 2012 when Huawei first arrived in  the US. Huawei says it has been ready since January 2018 but didn’t  release the OS to maintain its relationships with Google and other  US-based partners. However now that other big fat businesses have cut  their ties due to the presidential order Huawei will reportedly launch the OS  in China by late 2019 and a global release somewhere in 2020.  5. Acknowledging Difficulties  Founder Ren Zhengfei CEO of Huawei admitted that building an OS is not  that difficult as compared to building an ecosystem for the same. It needs  a step by step process with stringent guidelines to make it a successful  launch. He also added that beyond the technical challenges it is going to  take years to build trust and confidence among app makers and users to its  adoption.   Wrapping Up  All we can do is wait till 2020 for its official launch. Till date the name of  the OS has not been confirmed or officially announced.   According to Bloomberg reports Huawei introduced an app gallery which  was an attempt to build its own app store way before the Android ban. In

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order to find out the success of the OS functionalities features and the  ecosystem of Huawei’s HongMeng OS you need to wait till it is officially  launched.

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