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Hip replacement surgeries require lot of thought to be put in before opting for one. This blog will help you know in detail everything about such a surgery. Visit Website:


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ALL YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY Today not thousands but lakhs and crores of people across the globe are undergoing a hip replacement surgery every year. And the main reason behind these surgeries is to relieve arthritis pain and improve the functioning of the hip. This surgery is a major one and is considered as one of the most reliable surgeries today. More than 95 of patients undergoing this surgery have seen highly positive results. If you are suffering from major hip arthritis and wish to undergo a total hip replacement in Bangalore it seems like a good decision. However before you go in for one you may want to educate yourself about some basics concerning this surgery. Procedure of hip replacement surgery During this surgery the bones that form the ball-and-socket of the hip joint are resurfaced. The femoral head is replaced with a prosthetic ball which is connected to a stem inserted into the marrow space of the upper thigh bone. Also the round socket of the pelvis is resurfaced and lined with a prosthetic cup. In this way the prosthetic femoral ball fits into the prosthetic hip socket and forms a new hip joint. Recovery after hip replacement surgery Recovery from the surgery requires lots of care and takes months of physical therapy. Surgeons recommend patients to limit or avoid high-impact activities like running and jumping as this may

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dislocate or damage the new hip joint. This is why patients are only restricted to basic activities like sitting standing and walking for the first few months after surgery. How long do hip replacement surgery results last There is an 80 chance for the results of hip replacement surgeries to last for 20 years And this can be certainly achieved if patients stick to their physical therapies and avoid high-impact activities throughout their lifespan. However if within or after 20 years the prostheses loosen break wear out or dislocate a second revision surgery can be performed. Certainly this revision surgery is technically more challenging and may lead to complications. But this is only because a revision surgery is generally performed when patients grow older and are more likely to suffer from age-related diseases like diabetes and heart disorders which put them at greater risk for medical complications like heart attack blood clot or kidney damage. Other complications like infections dislocation and nerve damage may also be caused due to progressive bone loss scar tissue and compromised muscle function and quality. When to undergo a hip replacement surgery Patients suffering from hip arthritis generally postpone their hip surgeries for many years for multiple reasons. But patients who are young not obese or overweight and have a lower body mass index shouldn’t worry about any sorts of uncertainties after the hip replacement surgery. In fact you must undergo total hip replacement in Bangalore before your arthritis pain becomes unbearable and hinders your daily activities. No doubt people of all ages can benefit from hip replacement surgery but it is always advisable to seek the suggestions of a reliable and experienced doctor who can tell you whether you must opt for the surgery based on your condition and lifestyle.

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