List of air force Institutes in India

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Candidates who are looking for Latest Air Force jobs to build their career in Indian Air Force, Here we providing you the List of air force Institutes in India where you can enhance your abilities for getting a job in Indian Air Force


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List of Air Force Institutes In India :

List of Air Force Institutes In India

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India is one of the powerful countries as reviews shown from experts and official sources. India constantly researching on air force and rockets and succeeded as well as . The following are the Air Force Training Institutions located in India.

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T he Air Force Training Wings Establishments located in India were On 15 Aug 1947: Initial Training Wing, Coimbatore formed on 11 Jul 1946. Elementary Flying Training School, Jodhpur formed on Jul 1942. Advanced Flying Training School, Ambala formed on Jul 1941. Ground Training School No.1, Jalahalli formed on Jul 1947. Ground Training School No.2, Tamabaram formed on Feb 1947

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Now we have the Indian Air Force Training Institutes in India are:

Air Force Administrative College, Located at Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) :

Air Force Administrative College, Located at Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) The Air Force Administrative College at Coimbatore is one of the oldest training Institutions of Air Force. The college started as the Initial Training Wing at Pune in 1943 and was shifted to its present location Coimbatore on 11 Jul 1946 . In 1949, the college also undertook training of Flight Cadets of Administration, Accounts, Equipment, Education and Meteorology Branches. Gradually the Junior Commander’s Course also shifted to this college from Jalahalli . In 1957, the college was named as Air Force Administrative College

Air Force Academy, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh):

Air Force Academy, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) Air Force Academy (AFA) established in 1971 at Dundigal has built the premier training institution of the  Indian Air Force . It is situated 43 km from Hyderabad. The Air Force Academy imparts training to Flying, Technical and Ground Duty Branches as well as flying training to officers of the Army and Navy.

Air Force Technical College, Located at Jalahalli (West Bangalore) :

Air Force Technical College, Located at Jalahalli (West Bangalore) Air Force Technical College (AFTC) was established on 04 Jul 1949.The College, then named as Technical Training College was established at Bangalore. For a few years in the beginning, the Commandant and other Directing Staff were from the Royal Air Force (RAF).The name of the institute was changed to Air Force Technical College on 06 Jul 1956 after the completely taken care by Indiaan Air Force with Group Captain NJ Kriplani MBE as first Indian Commandant of the college.

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Here are some more Air Force Institutes In India Air Force School, Sambre , Belgaum Fighter Training and Transport, Hakimpur and Yelahanka (Karnataka ) Paratroopers Training School, Agra Uttar Pradesh Navigation and Signal School, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh ) College of Air Warf are, Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

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