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TSI HOME PHONESpreading Smiles : 

TSI HOME PHONESpreading Smiles Copyright © 2009 Nexus Communications, Inc.. All Rights Reserved Now smile while talking with TSi Home Phone services. The Largest Home Phone Service Providers In USA.

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Founded in the year 2000, TSI started with a clear mission to simplify the process of obtaining home telephone service for consumers on a budget. In addition to hassle free activation, TSI strives to provide its customers with high quality services at reduced rates. This simple formula has been tremendously successful, both for TSI and its customers. TSI now serves home phone subscribers living in more than 24 states across the country. Visit Our Website For More Informations: www.tsihomephone.com About TSi

The Prime Focus : 

TSI is your affordable alternative for local home phone service plus, we maintain the highest quality network to make sure you receive the reliable service that you deserve. TSI takes the hassle out of getting telephone service. You can activate service with TSI regardless of your credit score or past due balances without having to pay a deposit. Unlike other telephone service providers, TSI understands that keeping up with bills can be an everyday struggle and that every penny counts. That's why we support Lifeline and Link-up, government assistance programs designed to help low-income customers get access to critical telephone services at reduced rates. We believe everyone should enjoy the safety and convenience of having home telephone service. Get connected and start saving with TSI today! The Prime Focus

Affordable Home Phone Services : 

Just 4 questions and the answers will surprise you. Affordable Home Phone Services

Questions(?) : 

Q1. Will I have to pay a deposit? Q2. Will I have to sign a contract? Q3. Do you check my credit? Q4. Will I have to pay my past-due balances with the other phone companies before I can get services from you? Questions(?)

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The Answer Is... : 

The Answer Is... No... TSI does not require any deposit or there is no need to sign any contract. Also TSI does not check credit of new customers and does not check any past due balances of customers with other phone companies.

How Can You Get The Services? : 

How Can You Get The Services? The customer have to belong to the state at which TSI provides it's services: The home phone is for per household per address, so every address can get only one home phone. Eligibility criteria has been discussed on next page:

Eligibility To Get An Affordable Home Phone: : 

Eligibility To Get An Affordable Home Phone: Eligibility varies by state but to qualify you should receive following government assistance(any): Food Stamps Medicaid Section 8 housing TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)‏ HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)‏ Supplemental Social Security Board of Education Free Lunch Program

Order Today And Use Everyday: : 

Order Today And Use Everyday: Call directly at 1-866-392-7123 and get your home phone and spread smiles through hassle free talking with your near and dear ones: Next Time You Call Some One Don't Hesitate To Speak Comfortably Without Watching The Watch...

Please Send Your Feed Back at :tsicellphone@gmail.comortsihomephone@yahoo.com : 

Please Send Your Feed Back at :tsicellphone@gmail.comortsihomephone@yahoo.com

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