Do’s and Don’ts in OOH Advertising

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in this ppt we describe the Do’s and Don’ts in OOH Advertising


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Do’s and Don’ts in OOH Advertising:

Do’s and Don’ts in OOH Advertising


Introduction Out-of-home advertising is considered as a mass-market medium. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing platforms to reach the target audience and to spread your message. Outdoor ads offer great visibility not only because of their size but also due to the usage of creative ideas and attractive visuals. The following are some do's and don't tips through which you can make your outdoor ads a huge success.

Know the Target group(TG):

Know the Target group (TG) Advertisers should identify the TG. Without knowing about the TG, the campaigning won’t make sense. Before creating a design or marketing strategy, brands should who are their target audience? What are they interested in? What problems do they have & how can the company provide solutions?

Using fewer words:

Using fewer words We are often on the move & don’t have a lot of time to read long texts on a billboard. Research shows the average time spent reading a billboard is about six seconds. So, Try to create a good billboard ad, keep the word count between 6 to 8 words.

Don’t look for direct response:

Don’t look for direct response A brand advertise to get some response from the viewer, but an advertisement is not the place to expect a direct response. Billboards are for an immediate & memorable message to put across so that people get back to you. Often Billboards are covered with websites, social links & phone numbers which are neither attractive nor can the viewer take it down.

Uncluttered Ads:

Uncluttered Ads Having more content is good but not for outdoor advertising. If the billboard is covered with an excess of information, too many products, phone numbers, addresses it doesn’t give the right response. The focus should go more on the product and the brand identity.


Conclusion Nowadays even for experienced businesses, developing a brand can be a complex undertaking. There are many outdoor advertising agencies in India who can help you promote your business. In order to make your advertising campaign a huge success, it is advisable for you to hire such a professional.

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