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Adim Tercume:

Adim Tercume Address İstanbul Caddesi No:3 Pelin İş Hanı Kat 2 Büro no:87 Bakırköy Telefon : 05078781977 E-Posta :

Provide Services In Different Country & Different Language :

Provide Services In Different Country & Different Language

Our Services:

Our Services

Commercial Translations:

Commercial Translations This field involves all kind of agreements , invoices, performs, consignments, correspondences, proposals, catalogs, advertising copies, brochures and many more…

Technical Translations:

Technical Translations All kinds of specific translations which necessitate proficiency and related information in machine, construction , electric, electronic, textile and other sectors are included in this field.

Judicial Translations:

Judicial Translations Contracts, court papers, notaries documents, official documents, reports, minutes include this field.

Medical Translations:

Medical Translations Bills of health, animal and plant health certificates, drug prescriptions, medical device certificates of suitability, patient reports and many more…

Literary Translations:

Literary Translations However, this kind of translation is generally done by university students but it is a must that the translator should at least have a profession capability in the literary language  as much as the author. Our translators who have enough knowledge and proficiency to translate these literary texts study to give the best service to you  by acquiring this profession.

Simultaneous Translations:

Simultaneous Translations Simultaneous Translation is a service that is performed by trained translators, special sound system and translator rooms  in large scale organizations where attendant number is high. In that choice of translation , the translator does not wait for the speaker’s break .

Web Translations:

Web Translations It is enough for you to hand over your translations to us about  texts and statements which you penned them ideally in your firm’s  web site that is a display case on the net.

Notary Certified Translations :

Notary Certified Translations Notarial and/or  district governorship attestations  of  official documents, diplomas, court judgments and other documents which will be translated to all common languages to the Turkish and from Turkish to the other languages  are done after translated by our certified translators.

Consecutive  TranslatioN:

Consecutive  TranslatioN In this kind of service,  translators  note down while the speaker is speaking. Then, they  translate  ,what they noted down, when  the speaker have a break. It is more economical and easy in comparison to the simultaneous translation because it does not require special equipment .

Basic Fields that consecutive translation service is available ::

Basic Fields that consecutive translation service is available : Hosting and accompaniment services Business meetings Proceedings  Depositions and patrol interrogations Fair organizations Notary procurators and marriage procedures

Contact information:

Contact information Adım Tercüme  Office   Bakırköy İstanbul Caddesi Pelin   İş Hanı Kat 3 №: 3  Ofis no 87 Bakırköy İstanbul Те l: 0 212 415 83 55 Mobil: 0 538 637 20 28 e-mail:       Adım Tercüme Office Zeytinburnu Veliefendi Mah . 75/4 Sokak №: 4 Zeytinburnu İstanbul Те l: 0 212 415 83 55 Fax 0 212 547 57 07 Mobil 0 538 637 20 28 e-mail:    

Please Visit Our Website For More Information: :

Please Visit Our Website For More Information:

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