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how ERP helps in our financial conditions


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PRESENTATION ON ERP By Central procurement cell,co,Bg . WELCOME

What is sap?:

What is sap? SAP AG developed by German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The purpose of ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

How it works?:

How it works? Let us take an example; Mr. & Mrs. Bean wants to celebrate their child’s birthday. Mrs. Bean hands over Rs. 10000.00 to Mr. Bean to make arrangements . He is told to buy Pastries ,cake & snacks, fruits, Vegetables Food items like rice,Dal etc. And Pay the Electricity Bill.

Mr. bean and erp:

Mr. bean and erp Mrs Bean also lists all the materials to be purchased and gives it to Mr.Bean She also asks him to check the kitchen stores and fridge so that available materials need not be purchased.

Mr. bean & erp:

Mr. bean & erp Mr. Bean as we all know is little easy going. He forgets to check the stores, and instantly proceeds for shopping. Where do you think he went first? Offcourse to the pastry shop!!!

Mr bean & erp:

Mr bean & erp He ordered for the cakes, pastries, snacks etc., and he thought he could help himself with a few pastries. So he ate all items he liked, paid the bill and left for further shopping. But he had once again forgotten to bring the item list, so he purchased all items he could remember, paid the bill and went on to pay the Electricity bill.

Mr bean & sap:

Mr bean & sap To his shock he found that he had not enough money to pay the electricity bill . He went back to the house and narrated everything to his wife, who was wild at him. In the evening as the power supply to his house was cut, being a cunning man he cleverly tapped the power from his neighbour, whom he had also invited.

Mr bean & sap:

Mr bean & sap The Birthday party went off well. But to the dismay lot of items remained as it is because Mr bean purchased those items what was already available in the stores,fridge etc. MONEY WAS LOST ON ACCOUNT OF IRRESPONSIBILITY AND UN-ACCOUNTABILITY OF MR. BEAN & Mrs. BEAN WAS VERY MUCH ANGRY . SO WHERE DOES ERP FIT IN?. HOW ERP WOULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL? LET US ANALYSE.

Mr. bean & erp:

Mr. bean & erp ERP means Enterprise Resource & Planning. In the case of Mr. BEAN; Enterprise : Mr. BEAN and his family , Resources : M oney : M achinery e.g Mixie , fridge, grinder Oven, vehicles etc. : M an power : - Mr and Mrs. BEAN. : M aterials : - Food items, chairs, table cutlery.

Mr bean & erp:

Mr bean & erp Planning :- Alas ! there was no proper planning at any stage. Inventory of items available in the kitchen was not prepared. Mr. Bean spent most of the money in buying unwanted items and also spent on himself so he was left with no money for Electricity bills. Had he planned properly taking into considerations all his resources (4 M s) he would have been still left with some money and also avoid buying available items, and also he could have paid the E-Bill.

Erp & bsnl:

Erp & bsnl Let us extend the same to a huge business organization like BSNL having a huge pool of resources (4 M s)by listing them; M AN POWER : - 2,70,000 + WORKFORCE. M ONEY: - Rs. ……... Crores FROM BUSINESS TURNOVER. M ATERIALS : - THOSE AVAILABLE AT DIFFERENT STORES, BY PROCUREMENT ETC., M ACHINERY : - OUR EXCHANGES, TOWERS, TEL FACTORY, NETWORK ETC.,

Erp & bsnl:

Erp & bsnl In this competitive world it is imperative that Optimal use of available resources is to be done to achieve fiscal discipline, reduce expenditure, increase turnover and profit and provide quality service to the satisfaction of the stake holder /customer. To achieve this powerful tools are required which can store huge database, integrate the databases and also which can be accessed real-time.

Erp & bsnl:

Erp & bsnl SAP is one such powerful tool (software ) to run the majority of their day-to-day business transactions and processes. It is an Advance Business Application Program (ABAP). SAP system is divided into modules like MM, SD which maps business process of that particular department or business unit. SAP software integrates all facets of an operation, including development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.



Sap –salient features :

Sap –salient features SAP is so popular is that it is very flexible and customizable. It is said that if you have the time and money you can make SAP software to drive your car on autopilot. You can integrate one module with other or even third party interfaces. It is also possible to integrate modules from different ERP Vendors. So you can integrate PP Module from SAP ,with HR Module of say PeopleSoft.

Sap –salient features :

Sap –salient features Any one can get to know the real time data and accurate information pertaining to any of the resources available at any place in the organization using SAP. All transactions can be fast and transparent. Flow of information can be achieved through module integration. Unnecessary procurement can be avoided. Storage space can be saved by avoiding stocking excess materials.


conclusion It is imperative that BSNL should implement the ERP in order to come out of the situation which it is in presently. Cost of changeover after deciding to go for ERP is prohibitive and disadvantageous. Change is constant and a change for the betterment of the organization should be always welcome.


BSNL & ERP BSNL has entered in contract with HCL for suppling SAP software, customize and also train the personnel. Seven POC (proof of concept) have been selected for implementation of ERP. Karnataka Circle is one of the POC and first territorial circle selected for GOLIVE. Telecom Factory, ALTTC Gzb , WTP and STR have already implemented. User licence have been obtained for all Officers Gr B and above.

Erp & bsnl:

Erp & bsnl It is imperative that complete, clean and correct data to be entered into Templates pertaining to each module. It may become difficult to do transactions if data pertaining to any project/procurement in process contracts ,HR etc., is not mapped in to SAP. This may lead to unnecessary legal complications, and difficulty in day to day business process. So let us all endeavor to do our best to make it a success.

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