Entrepreneurship Option for Retirees

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Entrepreneurship Option for Retirees : 

Entrepreneurship Option for Retirees Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Introduction : 

Introduction "I wake up early in the morning to realize that, its not the usual day. I am retired. I don't know how to spend the day. I pass some time with the newspaper and the rest watching TV. Till then my grandkids came back from school. I plan to go out with the family, but everyone is tired and they have their own set of works to do. I have no other go, but dig myself into those philosophical books. The day is over and I am back on my bed to welcome another day of loneliness, loss, frustration, and grief". Sharon Supriya on www.living.oneindia.in This is the life after retirement, as Richard Armour Quotes, "Retired is being twice tired, I've thought. First tired of working, Then tired of not."

Focus on Entrepreneurship : 

Focus on Entrepreneurship “The higher the risk, the higher the benefit” is the slogan in business. While a fool takes any risk, an enlightened entrepreneur takes calculated risk made possible by producing and working with a bankable business plan. The difference is knowledge…

The definition of insanity : 

The definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.” Albert Einstein To do things different, you need to seek the right knowledge.

Definition of Entrepreneurship : 

Definition of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the process whereby individuals become aware of business ownership as an option of viable alternative, develop ideas of business, learn the process of becoming an entrepreneur and undertake the initiation and development of business.

Who is an Entrepreneur? : 

Who is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a person who has the ability to identify and evaluate business opportunities in the environment, gather resources to take advantage of opportunities and initiate appropriate actions for success

Qualities of an Entrepreneur : 

Qualities of an Entrepreneur Persistent Commitment Focus Risk-taking Good planner Persuasive Confident Optimistic Hardworking

Skills Required for Entrepreneurship : 

Skills Required for Entrepreneurship Managerial knowledge Technical knowledge Networking and marketing skills Persuasive Skills Goal setting and planning skills Communication skills

Function of an Entrepreneur : 

Function of an Entrepreneur Planning Organizing Budgeting Marketing Staffing Directing Controlling

Role of EDC in Entrepreneurship Skills Building : 

Role of EDC in Entrepreneurship Skills Building Our modules equip participants with all these basic skills needed for starting and running successful businesses through our leadership, business development, basic business management and enterprises development Participants of the intensive training would be guided to produce bankable business plan to provide direction for their businesses.

Role of EDC in Entrepreneurship Skills Building : 

Role of EDC in Entrepreneurship Skills Building We have specialists and seasoned facilitators with specialty in leadership, enterprise development, business development, health and financial management. We provide interactive experiential learning environment in which participants share experience with others.

Training methodologies : 

Training methodologies Story telling Role plays Experience sharing Interactive sessions Vocational Skills Training

Pre-retirement Entrepreneurship Training Content : 

Pre-retirement Entrepreneurship Training Content

Pre-retirement Entrepreneurship Training Content : 

Pre-retirement Entrepreneurship Training Content

Our fee : 

Our fee N80,000 per participant to cover a 4 week intensive re-orientation training for retirees. A group of 30 participants can negotiate the fee

Post Training benefits : 

Post Training benefits 18 months post training monitoring and supervisory services Business development and advisory services

Conclusion : 

Conclusion The right knowledge rightly applied will create the success we desire. EDC will provide the life skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. Thank you for listening

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