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Communication Skills : 

Communication Skills John Aderibigbe DU&T Consulting 234-08033746076

Verbal : 

Silence is golden, but word whether employed in music, word or poetry remains the greatest constructive or destructive instrument Watch what you say, and how you say it… word is like a egg, once broken it, cannot be packed Communication is not complete until it is understood by the listener Verbal

Listening : 

The greatest ability you can be endowed with is listening ability It helps to understand and prevent crises. Ask questions Verify and probe further Listening

Appearance : 

The way you dress determine the way you are addressed. Dress like a king… Appearance

Gesture : 

Wrong gesticulation..Wrong gesture… Gesture

Writing and reading : 

The is no difference between a man who cannot read and a man who does not read. Readers are leaders Writing and reading

Attitude and altitude : 

Attitude determines your altitude… Attitude and altitude

Leadership : 

Leadership is influence Lead by example Self control and discipline Help your boss to fulfill his goals Leadership

Inter-relationship : 

Deal courteously with other as would want them to deal with and do courteously on to other what you would expect them to do unto you. Respect yourself first to command the respect of others… the same for love Inter-relationship

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