Top Five Tips For Planting The Tulip Bulbs

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If you want to read more points about planting tulip bulbs I can recommend the this presentation. This presentation have useful information about planting tulip bulb as well as lots of tips to help you get your tulips flowering.


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Top Five Tips For Planting The Tulip Bulbs


Tulips are striking springtime flowers that bloom in an array of shapes and colors.


Here are five tips to help maintain the striking cup-shape tulips: #1. Plant deeply :- A bulb with a height of 2-inches should be planted at a depth of 6-inches.


#2. Well-Drained Soil :- Tulips prefer the well-drained soil to thrive. Avoid soils that naturally get waterlogged like clay.


#3. Apply Mulch :- Try to lay the mulch when the ground is frozen or cold to avoid letting the soil temperature get too high.


#4. Water the bulbs lightly :- Right after planting, give the bulbs some water. This helps them begin the process of growing.


#5. Use Mesh :- Wire mesh or chicken wire is the preferred deterrent to protect tulip bulbs from the destruction attention of mice and squirrels


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