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GB Dental Practice has been making a difference to the dental wellbeing of the people of Ipswich since the 1970's. Source:- https://www.slideshare.net/addisonwesley1/emergency-dentist-appointment-ipswich


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Emergency Dentist Appointment Ipswich GB Dental Practice has been making a difference to the dental wellbeing of the people of Ipswich since the 1970s.

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White Fillings Crowns Bridges Children Dentistry Nervous Patients Oral Hygiene Emergency Dentist Treatment Cost General Dentistry

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1 White Fillings Teeth Whitening Treatment Near Me White or cosmetic fillings can last you up to 20 years. White fillings are almost identical to the natural tooth tissue. They dont decay underneath.

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Emergency Dental Crown Treatment 2 Crowns Improvement of the colour and shape of the tooth. They are ideal for heavily broken or filled teeth. Crowns last longer than any other type of restoration with a good hygiene regime.

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Emergency Dental Bridge Treatment London 3 Bridges A bridge enables you to eat much easier than when you have a gap. It improves your looks the alternative is an unsightly gap. When you look better you feel better. A bridge can help build your confidence.

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Emergency Child Dental Treatment 4 Children Dentistry Any treatment will be carefully explained to both the child and their parents before any dental treatment goes ahead.

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5 Nervous Patients Particularly if you are a nervous patient we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable with all treatments. Your initial consultation will simply be a chat to explain the different ways we can help you. Dental Treatment for Nervous Patients

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6 Oral Hygiene Having regular check-ups and cleaning prevents problems as well as providing you with good oral hygiene. At GB Dental we offer scaling and Polishing ask to see your dental hygiene. Natural Oral Hygiene Treatment

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SOURCE https://gbdental.co.uk/ GB Dental Limited 27 London Road Ipswich IPI 2HF Find a Dental in Ipswich Clinic

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