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Useful Checklist For Your Last Minute Holidays Vacations are always welcome and exciting but packing your stuffs for those last minute holidays is not at all fun. If you forget to carry an important travel document this might make your trip to come to an end abruptly or if you forget your personal belonging it means you have to adjust for the whole period. So we have prepared a useful checklist for your travel essentials. 1. Passport and Visa Be it your last minute travel or a year-long planned vacation you must have a valid passport with you when travelling abroad to enjoy your vacation. First you need to check the validity of the passport to understand if it requires a renewal before the said trip or not. If it does then apply for the renewal as soon as you start planning for the last minute holidays. You also have to keep your eyes on the official website of the government of your destination country to have a fair idea of when exactly to apply for your travel Visa. 2. Your Identity Proof and Their Copies Although you have your passport and visa with you still it is advisable to carry few other photo identity cards while travelling abroad in order to establish your true identity at any point of your last minute travel trip. Apart from the original copies you have to make several photocopies of these identity documents and keep them

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in your handbag luggage and hotel room separately. You should also mail yourself the digital copies of all your travel documents including IDs so that you can access them anywhere in the world from your smartphone or laptop. 3. Go For Online Check-In Last minute travel lefts you with little time to arrange everything properly. So you have to be extra careful with time management. Try to avail online check-in facilities as much as you can. This will not just save time for you but will help you to travel hassle-free. 4. Money Always keep cash in the local currency handy as you will need them as soon as you get out of the airport in your destination country. It is always wise to carry few US Dollars as they are widely accepted in most of the countries. Don’t forget to carry international debit/credit cards without any international transaction fee. Save few of your home currency as you will need the while getting back home. 5. Chargers and Adaptors Different countries come with different specification for chargers and adaptors for your electronic gadgets. You need to carry them according to those specifications. Charge your electronic equipment like smartphones laptop camera and e-reader fully so that you don’t need to look for a charging port in the airport or during your flight. Don’t forget to pack a fully charged power banks to get your devices charged on the go. 6. Clothes Which kind of destination you are going to and what time of the year it is determine the kind of clothes you have to pack for your last minute holiday. Always pack clothes that makes you feel comfortable and simultaneously helping you to flaunt your style statement.

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