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1Z0-476 Oracle IT Architecture BPM 2013 Essentials

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1Z0-476 Questions Answers 7 1 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-476.html What key capability is shown whencombining the design-time and run-time portions of the BPM logical model A. Traceability of the business motivation model through to process implementation B. The ability to support process selection through simulation with run-time data C. Service-Oriented Integration between design and run-time sub-systems D. The single model or business technical and executable process states Answer: A

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1Z0-476 Questions Answers 8 2 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-476.html When creating a business case what does the "business context" describe A. It describes the business environment in which the process is to bedesigned developed and executed. B. It describes the environment in which any given business process is expected to operate. The context description includes details ranging from the IT infrastructure through process execution to executive-level business analytics. C. It describes the financial status of the organization in which the BPM solution is expected to be implemented. D. It describes the business environment In which the BPM solution is expected to provide its benefits. Answer: C

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1Z0-476 Questions Answers 9 3 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-476.html Which statement best describes therelationship between process engineering and traditional software engineering in Oracles processengineering method A. The process engineering method only describes the preliminary steps required to begin delivery of an automated business process it terminates when the process has been defined by business analysts. Traditional software engineering methods are used to deliver the solution. Both methods are required. B. Oraclesprocess engineering method Is used to analyze and optimize business processes regardless of whether or not they are automated using BPM technologies. It relies on traditional software engineering methods to convert the processes and requirements Into solutions. C. Process engineering and traditional software engineering are synonymous. Process engineering is a term used to define traditional software engineering where an automated business process is developed and delivered. D. Process engineering is an optional add-on for traditional software engineering. It is Injected into the traditional software engineering process when a BPEL model needs to be created. E. Process engineering is a separate and unique methodology. It may spawn one or more traditional software engineering activities if the process being delivered requires custom software development efforts. Answer: E

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1Z0-476 Questions Answers 10 4 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-476.html Where do the BPM ROI tools "considered metrics" come from A. These metrics may be derived from stakeholder input but since they require substantial research the toolprovides commonly accepted values from analyst purveys and case studies. B. These metrics cannot be determined from data within a singleorganization so they can only be taken from analyst surveys. C. These metrics represent strategic benefits so they are taken from business strategy documents. D. These metrics represent direct costs so they are taken from product licensing and support pricing lists. Answer: D

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1Z0-476 Questions Answers 11 5 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-476.html What is the significance of the business context" in a business case A. It is a form of business capability map much of which tan be taken from the business and strategy domain of the maturity mode. It is presented in the business case as the first high-level step towards process modeling. B. It provides a form of roadmap in the Business case detailing the cost savings on a timeline and identifying specific program milestones. C. It is a form of business improvement project plan in which the effects of continuous process improvement can be clearly presented. D. It is used in the business case to establish a common understanding of what goals and objectives the project or program Is intended to support. Answer: B

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