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1Z0-1026 Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementati on Essentials

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Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials o An Oracle Pricing Cloud 2018 Certified Implementation Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to create and manage price lists costs lists tiers and matrices pricing charge definitions and parameters. Individuals who earn this certification are able to create and maintain pricing algorithms service mappings and matrix classes. 2

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Sample Questions Answers 1Z0-1026 7

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8 1Z0-1026 Questions Answers Your client has now completed their annual pricing review process and updated the price list Excel spreadsheets that were exported with their new data. How can they load this back into the system A. Zip your updated fliesnavigate to Pricing Administration ImportPike Lists and upload the zip file. B. Zip your updated files by pricing strategy and then navigateto each pricing strategy. Go toActions Upload and upload the zip file for that set of price lists. C. Zip your updated files by price list name and then navigate to each price list. Go to Actions Upload and upload the zip file for that price list. D. Zip your updated flies navigate to Scheduled Processes and run load Interface fliesfor Import.After it is completed run Import Price list for each price listinthe file. E. Update It manually in the system. No upload available. Answer: B 1 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-1026.html

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9 1Z0-1026 Questions Answers What is the Rounded Value of the when Round to Nearest is applied on an item in the scenario below Price:0.22 Round To:0..05 Direction: Standard Incremental value: 0.10 A. 0.40 B. 0.32 C. 0.30 D. 0.25 E. 0.35 Answer: C 2 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-1026.html

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10 1Z0-1026 Questions Answers Describe the predefined flow that is used by pricing to determine the net price of an item. A. Derive pricing strategy Get base list price Apply adjustment Calculate list price Apply discounts Calculate net price B. Derive pricing strategy Calculate list price Apply adjustment Get base list price Apply discounts Calculate net price C. Derive pricing strategy Calculate list price Get base list price Apply adjustment Apply discounts Calculate net price D. Derive pricing strategy Get base list price Apply adjustments Applydiscounts Calculate list pricing Calculate net price E. Derive pricing strategy Get base list price Calculate List price Apply adjustment Apply discounts Calculate net price Answer: C 3 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-1026.html

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11 1Z0-1026 Questions Answers Your client plans on using only one pricing strategy for nil customers. They do not want to set upa separate customer pricing profile for each o» their customers because they only have one strategy. Which two options can you configure to achieve this requirement A. Create pricing strategy assignment. Do not add any conditions. B. Create pricing strategy assignment. Add a condition to this assignment with Piking Segment column blank. Pricing Strategy column your clients strategy. C. Create global customer pricing profile. D. Not possible. You must have a customer pricing profile sot up for each customer. Answer: B D 4 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-1026.html

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12 1Z0-1026 Questions Answers Your customer wants to have a price listthat determinespricing when transferring between two internal organizations. Whichtwo algorithmssupports this policy A. Process Transfers Pricing Strategy B. Price Sales Transitions C. Get Sales Pricing Strategy D. Price Material Transfers Answer: A 5 https://www.braindumps4it.com/braindumps-1Z0-1026.html

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