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Summerlin team's mission is to strive to provide your children with an opportunity to grow physically, socially and emotionally and ensure an early childhood educational experience.


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5 Best Options For After School Child Care Parents of school-age children struggle immensely hard to meet their children’s care needs. It is very tough to make a balance between professional life and school life of kids. In addition after school care is a serious worry for parents and one of the biggest challenges is to find appropriate care option for their kids. Parents seek a safe and fun place for post school hours where they can learn and enjoy the time. Here we are telling you five best options for after school hours. School based program In some schools after school child care is provided. Children are safe in that environment and remain acquainted with the adults providing care. Privately run programs sometimes run after school program at the school site. The biggest benefit is that the kids stay in a familiar environment. An after school care An after school care program offers a fun-filled safe environment to children. It usually includes a combination of indoor as well as outdoor activities and considered one of the best options for post

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school care. It is why the option of an after school care in San Antonio Texas is very popular among parents. Such programs usually focus on the physical and emotional well-being of a kid. Establish a flexible work schedule A flexible work schedule greatly helps parents to take care of the child. Plus they do not need to be dependent on someone others for post school hours. This arrangement works with one parent dropping off early morning and getting to work. While the other get the kid ready for school and drop them off and himself/herself goes to work a little late. By the time kids return from school the first parent gets back to home after having a full-day at the office. However this arrangement is only possible in a flexible workplace. Work from home If any of the parents can opt for work from home the situation becomes ideal. However caring for children while working from home doesn’t work with younger children or toddlers. Besides your workplace should be flexible enough to offer such facility to you. Hire a nanny Nannies are a great relief for countless parents who are full-time working and can’t give time to their children post school hours. Usually a nanny picks up kids from school or bus stop bring them home prepare snacks and help them with homework. The choice of an after school care for your kid largely depends on your working hours and convenience of both the partners.

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